49 killed in attack on two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand

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According to the media, 49 died in one attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Undoubtedly this number will be adjusted upwards. That is all part of the chaos surrounding such a psychological operation to make people panic and fear. This time it is the Muslims' turn with an attack. The tension between population groups is thus further inflated. If this does not work out if it is heated by media propaganda, which tries to sharpen the tension between left and right all over the world, then such an attack will certainly help.

"But Martin Vrijland, you are not going to claim that this attack is fake?"I don't dare say that with any certainty. The only thing I dare say is that such an attack contributes to sharpening population groups against each other. Left and right political parties and groups will once again be able to exploit this. By definition, such attacks require more police-state measures, and as it is reported worldwide in the media, every citizen will once again be happy that so many "anti-terror measures" have been taken. We can once again be satisfied that our PCs are tapping i-pads and smartphones using big data and we can be happy with all the cameras and security gates that are placed everywhere. We will embrace our police state happy and satisfied again!

Before we go any further and judge. Take a look at what is technically possible to play the people with media hypes and ask yourself: Can we, in this time when there is such a wide range of technical resources available, have a single picture of what we have in the media? to see the media gain confidence?

None of what we see on TV needs to be true by definition. Believing that what the news brings you is 'truth', is actually nothing more than 'a belief' based on trust. You trust that the media will show you the truth and show non-manufactured news. However, if we look at the rich billionaires in the hands of the media companies, we could become somewhat suspicious. But we would rather believe the pastor in the church. Just like the priest who has abused children. We continue to trust the church. Does that also apply to the media?

We do not want and cannot believe that they could play us with major psychological operations to steer sentiment among the people in a desired direction. In nature, polarity always leads to a current in a desired direction; just as a battery has a plus and a minus pole, with which you generate a current. The elitist top layer (which has the media in its pocket) has all the means at its disposal to generate that polarity. They want "Pegida against Antifa", left against right, Christian against Muslim, and so on. Laying this way forms the basis for chaos and from that chaos they always create new order, whereby more centralization of power is always the result. (Read further under the video)

"Yes, but I still see real interviews with real people who are really sad and I hear from family and friends that they know people who died in such an attack". We can't control it all. So it can be true, but it might just as well be fake. Suppose it is a psychological operation to sharpen the tension (the polarity) among the people, then you can do that through film techniques (AI, artificially intelligent software solutions) or simply through a hitman who causes a massacre. It is of course still possible that such an attack is real and authentic. I just point out to you that you can no longer blindly trust what the media is presenting you. Historically, we can state that the media does not really have a very clean track record.

The video above shows how you can fake all kinds of images via green screen for decades. However, with today's software you can go further many times. For example, you can create non-existent faces completely out of nothing (see first video below). Then you can give live interviews with those self-created faces, in which it looks like that person really exists. You do the latter through facial reenactment software (see second video). Can you imagine how you can use the 3 software solutions shown here to conduct interviews on the street from people who don't exist? You create a non-existent person (deep fake), use a green screen to place someone at the crime scene and use the facial reenactment software to place the new face on a stand-in actor. You can adjust your face and voice to taste and in no time you have a deep fake interview with a non-existent witness near a fake attack on the street. In fact: you can actually put everything in full scene. "Yes, but there are witnesses, right? There are people who say they know people? Surely there are all police and ambulance personnel present?”For that you have both the deep fake social media profiles and the rest are quite willing to earn a little extra for a 'higher goal'.

Yes, such an attack might just as well have actually happened, but sorry my faith in the pastor, the pedo priest and the media is not very big and so I point out to you the possible psychological operation behind such media explosions. You must know what you believe.

(Read the follow-up article with the images of the shooting here)

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    I saw this video come by ... don't know who the source is, but just for the record

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    "The blood was splashing on me ..." said the man with the cleanest blouse and cleanest face ever

  3. Sun wrote:

    If I am not mistaken, Christchurch was also in the news a few years ago. I don't know why anymore. Is there a connection? Perhaps you have the opportunity to check this.

  4. Riffian wrote:

    It distracts well from what happens simultaneously and what does the controlled media focus on ...

    They are busy implementing the Albert Pike plans.

  5. Sun wrote:

    I understand that several perpetrators have been arrested as suspects. Wonder if there will be a public criminal trial that will show the background and the motives. It is not impossible that one or more of the suspects were run by security services or were themselves infiltrators. You often see that such a person is released quickly and that you no longer hear from that person.
    We will not find out if we will ever find out if you have just as good 'lawyers' and judges in New Zealand as in zomiland, the Netherlands.

  6. SalmonInClick wrote:

    False flag operation by order of SIS?

    “No group ordered my attack, I make the decision myself. Though I did contact the reborn Knights Templar for a blessing in support of the attack, which was given. ”

  7. aurora0026 wrote:

    I don't hear anything about the Boeing 737 Max anymore, how could that be? It seems that someone wants to protect Boeing and its shareholders.

  8. guppy wrote:

    Nowadays it is very easy to heat entire tribes. They used to do the same, now it's much faster.

    On Urk you see the same story, Christian youth who are placed on the extreme right with all the consequences that entails. The attack in NZ provokes even more feelings. People who realize that we are being played put them in the same box in the media as this perpetrator.

    Nobody wonders if you don't have mosques in Australia to shoot Muslims, no Christ-church sounds better. Because it is an attack by Christchurch on the Muslims. Just like the friendly Urk supposedly attacks Moroccans. How do you get so many weapons in your trunk in a country where all weapons are registered?


    Name of columnist ### Elfie ### el- even (extremely low frequency) trumpet = trump = trumpet will all be coincidental.

    If I read all the responses then most are led by fairies ###

  9. frameworks wrote:


    Where does an 28 birthday boy get the money to first fly to Europe and visit various countries there to give his opinion and hatred. Then this gentleman can earn a living for a few months in Dunedin, become a member of a shooting club and then rent cars to do his deed? How does such a person get a credit card.

    The thing that strangles me the most is the time between the two shootings. I have heard 11 minutes and also 7 minutes. The distance is about 6 km, but you read from the first mosque in the car and then the distance, car parking and the next mosque then this time span is enough. Because I live here myself, I wanted to take the route today. Unfortunately, many roads around the mosque of the first shooting were suddenly closed. Nevertheless, in the course of the week I want to try again to see if this 6 km can be covered within the 7 minutes (on a Friday afternoon).

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Interesting! Keep us informed..

    • guppy wrote:

      What's also strange is that in that video with that camera on his head he shoots everyone and goes back to shoot again to make sure they are really dead. In the other mosque there are many injured people, many of whom are filming and sitting on their phones. It seems to me that you don't grab your phone in such a situation. You're going to help your brothers, right?

  10. mb. wrote:

    May be dealing with the rush of media to be the first to report cases. But if true, it is about the lives of people (who have family, etc).

    Things that struck me:
    - sources of the news (other media, the PM, etc.) You would expect the police to provide information about who the victims are and others.
    - number of victims changed in critical condition. More dead than injured by the way.
    - photo with shoe
    - "The authorities have not officially confirmed his identity, because he has to appear in court on Saturday and is officially still a suspect."
    - 'The 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant has been arrested and charged with murder (0700 hour Saturday NZ time)
    - "Explosives were also found that were attached to one or more vehicles." (?)
    - "Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern previously confirmed at a press conference that the shooter had extremist motives" (somewhat premature)
    - It must have been a huge bloodbath ... is not clearly visible
    - "The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Adern, reacted in horror. She spoke about the "blackest day" and had no doubt: this was a terrorist attack. " (premature for PM)
    - "According to a Syrian organization, at least 1 Syrian was killed." (separate source)
    - "There would also be several children among the victims. According to the first reports, this mainly concerns Syrian children. '(speculation, don't you?)
    - 'His children started a fundraising campaign to bury their father in Afghanistan. '(soon)
    - "According to a news site from Bangladesh and BDNews24.com, she too was killed during the terrorist attack. "(separate source)
    - "According to the Saudi news organization Al Arabiya, Mohsen al Muzaini succumbed to his injuries. "(separate source)
    - "Another son of Khaled is still missing." (not in mosque, or number of people not identified yet?)

    - ...

  11. mb. wrote:

    ... and of course not being concerned with all those people who die from preventable diseases and hunger. No more news ...

  12. Iberi wrote:

    What I understand is that the perpetrator is a member of the Knights Templar (Freemasonry) and would have claimed that quite a few members of the organization to which he belongs are old Serbian (paramilitary) veterans. Personally, I think that the struggle for Kosovo (given the recent political tensions) may start to flare up in the coming months.



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