Amsterdam starts with gender-neutral speech-based thinking

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It is not just an agenda of the rainbow mafia, which wants to introduce the introduction of gender-neutral speech to the Amsterdam city council, there is a global agenda behind it. The words 'dear ladies and gentlemen' must be in the future be avoided, because they might be hurtful for the 0,001% of people who want their gender to change in the Netherlands or for people who feel gender-neutral. In the future, it is better not to use man, woman, boy, girl, teacher, master, policeman, beautician or other words that characterize the sex. In the future, interpreting a gender is a mortal sin! Should all of that be banished, because it can be hurtful for a small group?

That seems a bit exaggerated, but if you look deeper, the agenda turns out to be just an intermediate step in the global road map towards transhumanism. It is important to explain that here again, because then you understand why now this speech correctness is being introduced gradually and step by step; just like the introduction of gender neutral toilets and primary school education where children learn that you can choose your gender and just like all kinds of other gender neutral measures. We see gender neutrality or transgenderism in all facets of society; sometimes 'hidden in plain sight'. For example, pay attention to certain well-known characters who, on closer inspection, show a lot of masculine features. I mention Christine Lagarde of the IMF as an example in that context.

The AD headlined today:

Amsterdam offers an alternative to 'dear ladies and gentlemen'

The municipality has published a language guide for civil servants, containing alternatives to a salutation as 'dear ladies and gentlemen' in letters to Amsterdammers.

Amsterdam wants to become even more of a city where everyone feels at home, says a spokesman. "This guide consists of tips for colleagues to talk and write in a respectful way about sexual and gender identity. As a city and as an employer, we want to be inclusive. "

It is not the case that civil servants are obliged to use the so-called 'rainbow language tips' from the guide in letters and during speeches. "It is not a fixed policy, but an overview with preferred variants. It is not that 'dear ladies and gentlemen' is now forbidden. "

Some alternatives mentioned in the guide are 'best people', 'honored attendees', 'best Amsterdammers' and 'dear inhabitant of the Spaarndammer neighborhood'.

Amsterdam follows closely with the London guide, where in the metro 'ladies and gentlemen' has recently been replaced by 'hello everyone'. Earlier, the city already came up with an initiative gender neutral toilets.

So it is clearly a worldwide agenda. This agenda is visible in several facets of society. The 'tapping law' recently piloted by the first chamber also serves the same agenda. Read for that this article back again. What is the long-term planning for the Netherlands (and the rest of the world)? That is a world in which the genetically engineered transhumane man is hanging fulltime on the internet. In order to prepare the world for this transhumane phase, we are already working on transforming people as they used to fit in the natural biological balance. For that we now have to get used to all kinds of transformations. Plastic surgery seemed so innocent and positive, but was only the vestibule of habituation to transformations. That is why the youth in elementary schools is already taught that your gender is not an inborn issue, but a choice. "You may have a certain genitals, but you can still choose your actual gender"That's the message. This entire transformation agenda is expressed in the plans of the rainbow mafia that is now also pushing the gender-neutral forms of speech.

The world is, as it were, in 3 stages prepared for the agenda of transhumanism, in which everyone with his brain and his body to the internet to hang. The preparation of this agenda has been going on for a long time and the future is a sexless android person. Now you may also know why the operating system of your smartphone (everything except i-Phone) is called Android. All of this is being pushed by people like Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil (Google), Michio Kaku (see YouTube) and for example our royal family (see here how Queen Maxima opened the Singularity University in Eindhoven in 2016).

  • Phase 1: emancipation of women ('disintegration of old family situation', two-earner model, children to day care centers, more state influence in education);
  • Phase 2: the emancipation of the homosexual ('procreation via IVF', population reduction, further disruption of old family structures);
  • Phase 3: the emancipation of the transgender (normalization of mutations to the human body);
  • Phase 4: the emergence of the transmuted human, the transhuman, the cyborg (normalization of nanotechnological mutations of the biological cells and brain connection with the internet);
  • Phase 5 the singularity.

The population has slowly become accustomed to changes in the existing biological order as we see it in nature, towards a desired mutation in which that balance is ignored and overgrown by something new. Transhumanists see it as an evolutionary step that fuses man with the internet and artificial intelligence. In this phase (phase 4, which according to supporters like Ray Kurzweil from Google, must be fully implemented in 2045) the human brain is linked to the internet and the human will be transformed from within by means of nanobots into sexless cyborgs. Natural reproduction has become an unnecessary and superfluous option in that evolutionary step, because the biological human is steadily (yet firmly) of android (think of the operating system of your smartphone) man transforms into a cyborg; where all cells in the human body are replaced by nanotechnologically mutated cells that do not suffer from the aging process or diseases. That is phase 4; the phase that serves the agenda of the world elite; the agenda of the world government.

The person who is connected to the internet with his brain and body is fully controllable and at the same time immortal (forever slaves). For that 'immortalizing' and 'hanging on the internet' of those (mutated) nano-biological bodies everyone needs the DNA profile. This makes it possible to put nanobots (via vaccinations and chemtrails infiltrated) into the human body, so that every person can be transformed from within into a nanotechnologically-transmuted-human: the cyborg or the transhuman. This is also the reason that outgoing minister Edith Schippers does everything to get your DNA profile (see here). That is why you now see so much pressure on the agenda of the vaccinations. That is why you now see so much pressure on the removal of all legal frameworks from the violation of your privacy. That is why you see the transgender agenda pushed in this way and that is why we must already get used to gender neutrality in all aspects of our lives: gender neutral speech, gender neutral toilets, gender choice ... the gender blender. (Read more under the video)

We will already see technological developments such as the brain connection in the years' 20. People like Elon Musk and Regina Dugan (ex-DARPA, ex-Google and now Facebook top woman) are very busy with that. Elon Musk founded the company Neuralink and DARPA recently invested 65 miljoen dollar in a project that must help realize this matrix technology. And however Elon Musk publicly warns of the dangers of artificial intelligence, it is a little comparable with politicians who warn you of economic bad weather, to be able to pick you bald. Musk is one of the most important evangelists and technological pushers towards transhumanism and the singularity and the warnings are mainly to be seen in the following manner: "Do not say I did not warn you!". In the meantime, the population is being prepared for habituation of mutations to the body through television shows where people can be converted. Silicone and other beauty interventions were the first steps. Children in elementary schools are already being pushed towards transgenderism. Now you may understand what the larger plan is behind it.

You listen in this movie once again to the fantastic future of transhumanism; followed by the singularity. The guys Ray Kurzweil (Technical frontman of Google) and Michio Kaku (known from the Discovery Channel) will show you the great future! The singularity is near and you will be prepared for it. And it's a fantastic prospect; until you realize who is in charge of the supercomputers and the artificial intelligence that you will then merge with. You will of course be tempted to follow the path of these gentlemen through things such as 'intelligence in the cloud' and 'immortality'. Read in this article again after how and why. In the meantime, discover how Google's frontman Ray Kurzweil turns out to be a transgender and discover how transgenderism and transhumanism are in practice so closely intertwined.

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  1. Camera wrote:

    That neither wort nor wad

    All those Grammar that is learned in French, German and English, female cases and "le" famme fatal and stuff ;-), all needs to be adapted ...
    In the Dutch language society they have been saying for some time that the male and female forms are fading (we will go again; Education!)

    Get rid of it?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Incidentally, the film by Mark Dice is meant to show the agenda of transhumanism. The mentioned Christianity will be replaced by Luciferianism, just like all other religions; the religion of the NWO

      • Iberi wrote:

        The character (Jesus) where they (Vatican) join in fencing and where they have deceived humanity, presents the fiction of Lucifer / Morgenster / Venus. That fiction and character was created by a group of dark occultists and priests from Baal / Obelisk to subject mankind to the rulers and powers of the underworld through a death cult and witchcraft. In that world death rules, a world full of characters and fictions, a world of slavery.

        The Vatican (gods / priests) has their surrogate creation on the agenda, to modify the man who did not create it, to deplete it, to read it out, to steer it and ultimately to destroy it. This will serve the depopulation agenda.

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          That is true because the biblical god is actually Lucifer (Enki of the Sumerian clay tablets) and Satan (Marduk from the Sumerian clay tablets) is the son of Lucifer.

          Christine Lagarde is therefore probably the transformed Chris of the gatekeepers bloodline ('la garde' is French for 'custody'). Christine (formerly Chris?) Is allowed to manage the worldwide control system of Lucifer and Marduk as the male / female gender neutral gatekeeper. The IMF is the financial branch of the world administration driven from the Vatican and the aristocracy.

          The self-created religions serve the play of thesis & anti-thesis that Lucifer plays through his son Marduk (satan) here on earth until the Messiah comes; the great I Am, the beginning and the end; the alpha and the omega; YHWH; Chronos; Saturn; the grand architect of this matrix ... or Lucifer

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            And for those who did not understand anything at all ...

            Christine (transformed by Chris) is thus a beautiful representation of the Baphomet (the ambiguous), but also of the transformed Marduk (Satan) the Christ of the new testament.

            Chris theGatekeeper: Christine laGarde

          • SandinG wrote:

            In addition, the Jews worship the (black) cube, the Christians the Cross which can be folded back mathematically into a cube and the Muslims the Kaaba (cube) in Mecca still separate from the ritual that stones are thrown at obelisks and the circumcisions at all three the beliefs.

            Set = Sheitan = Satan

            The father, the son and the holy spirit (trinity or pyramid) and the worship of the sun (son) = Horus

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      And do you now think that it will not run like that ... in Canada a law has already been pushed through

  2. Camera wrote:

    The Daily sStandard has also written a message about the question man Ismael Ilgün and about a deprived boy, below

  3. Brain wrote:

    Can you give concrete examples
    how phase 4 and 5 will look exactly. What do I notice for example personally and in the daily
    practice of?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      phase 4:
      . knowledge from the cloud via your Neuralink brain connection
      . to solve diseases like cancer via nanobots that can disable the cells
      . rejuvenation of the human body through DNA repair
      . stopping the aging process by modifying the DNA
      . telepathic communication
      . augmented reality as a full time part of life
      . cashless society and robots for work
      . energy from sunlight and less and less food dependence on android people
      . reconfiguration of the body after an accident
      . etc. etc.

      5 phase
      is the phase in which biological reality becomes less interesting and the "tangible world" is voluntarily exchanged for full-time virtual reality. In short: the amalgamation between man and machine. "Welcome to the machine" sings Roger Waters.
      In this phase, the human soul is collectively used to infuse the artificial intelligence of quantum computers (from Google, Facebook and all parties that now seem to be independent entities) with our "original soul". However, every soul can now awaken "become aware". The matrix in which we now live is a prototype for the matrix 2.0 called 'the singularity'.

      The quantum entanglement of our soul, however, is so powerful that we are connected to our original, so we can say NO.

      Mind you, that singularity phase seems innocent, but the inspired super Artificial Intelligence is Lucifer's army / weapon that will be used outside of matrix 1.0 to make a coup in the original layer (the layer where our soul finds its origin).

  4. SandinG wrote:

    Following Lagarde, here informer Zalm

  5. Brain wrote:

    The latest article on
    pays attention to the transgender friends / colleagues / contacts of Trump or Drumpf as he really was called. How I have been compared with them.

  6. SandinG wrote:

    I AM Lucifer

    I AM the Alpha and the Omega
    The First and the Last
    I AM the Lord of Lords and King of kings
    The Supreme, the Most High, the Lord of the Rings
    I AM Jove, the Dove, the Bringer of Light
    I AM the Fire that Burns Forever in the Night
    The Light of the Light and Son of the Son
    Jupiter, Vulcan, and the Philosophers Stone
    The Son of the Morning that Brings Light to the Dark
    I AM Lucifer, Heylel and Who Some Call the Morning Star
    Secrets of the Stone, Forever Live in my Bones
    I AM Horus on the Lotus, I AM the only ONE
    The Hidden Manna of the White Stone, the Electricity that Gives Life
    I Conquer Time, I Conquer Death, I AM the Dawn of a New Day That has Arrived

    • SandinG wrote:

      Ephesians 6: 12
      12 For we are not against flesh and blood, against principalities, against powers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
      - KJV

    • Camera wrote:

      Thanks very good explanation.

      Have also listened to the original, selling your soul starts early.
      Come Gloria, you may occasionally write a song about your dog when he is out of the pipe but for the rest you dance to our psycho / sosciopathic pipes and then Gloria will you get a good life ???? (sold her soul to the devil)
      Packed with subliminal messages and minute 3; 17> Abraham dancing on the weaponry that conquered the Pacific

      IAM what IAM Gloria GAY nor Gloria Gaynor Gloria Gay nor, All right, coincidence? john Sublime!

  7. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    This development also fits in with the gender-blender road map towards the androgynous-android-transgender-transhuman:

  8. frameworks wrote:

    and the reports about the decrease in sperm count in the sperm also fits perfectly in the whole story.

  9. Brain wrote:

    Meanwhile the sheeple remains in his role as sheeple and goes to the order of the day.

    • Brain wrote:

      We must / can not overlook the fact that the sheeple / mass maintains and even defends the bobonic status quo. The sheeple is used to her lack of freedom and does not want to be free.

  10. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    Wilfred went to read and had to vomit, so it is true.

  11. Notis wrote:

    2 possibilities
    A. Man is destroying himself by weakening himself so that he can no longer reproduce.
    I do not think so in the total singularity.

    B. All this 'fuss' is to distract people from the real power and threat, again by weakening the human structures: family, reproduction and especially health (mental and physical) one tries agenda21 and total power by means of a J / NWO world government for each other to box.

    The arrogance also that 'men' (read: the power parasites) thinks that another person can be controlled and manipulated. Indeed the big masses, the herd is aware of (not yet) evil.
    The person who really suffers is the middle group who do see and feel these manipulations.

    Ps These parasites also do not see the reality, the beauty of nature and will never experience the almost mystical experience of nature, art and love.
    Just a sadly greedy, egoistically stupidly limited thinking and feeling (psychopathic) mess, these parasites that have nestled in all key positions of power. You would almost want to believe in a hell especially for them.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I think that you then set yourself up in a slightly lesser sight or you have not seriously studied the technological developments worldwide and the fact that this is all about the strengthening of the power of the Luciferian Babelonic Pharaonic Saturnian elite.
      In short, your head gets a bit further out of the sand.

      • Brain wrote:

        Lucifer the god of the babeloniers / luciferians. At the freemasons known under the name 'the great architect'. Of course, the babeloniers do not tell the big clock / the sheeple for the time being.

  12. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Here is a gender-neutral propaganda article and semi-uberheid NS (B) organ is still going to perform .. a drama:

    Also NS now stops with 'ladies and gentlemen'

    Also at NS soon nobody will be addressed with 'best ladies and gentlemen', but with the sex-neutral 'best travelers'. The change comes with the new timetable on 10 December.

    But fortunately there is still darts on TV tonight..Cheers!

  13. Riffian wrote:

    For the nieces who are afraid of being attacked by fictional figures with a concrete scissors. Do not worry, Mossad's Krav Maga offers a solution

  14. Brain wrote:

    The fake nazarener 'jesus christ' is in my opinion a concoction of the babeloniers / luciferians to brainwash the europeans. There is no evidence that fake Nazarene ever existed. No more and no less. In the context of thesesithithesis, you can consider the fabricated Old Testament and fabricated New Testament. We have been confounded for years by the babeloniers: luciferians up to and including the present. Of course this is not taught at school. School is there for brainwashing our children to slavish / dependent sheeple of the babeloniers.

  15. Brain wrote:

    All these forms are only an interim phase in which pedophilia ultimately has to be made acceptable. The babeloniers always use u-turn constructions to mask their end goal. This is all prepared and devised by government agencies. This does not come out of the blue. The sheeple finds everything right. They even sell their mother if necessary.

  16. SandinG wrote:

    As has often turned out, NL or should I say the Union slavishly behind the New Babylon USA with its serpent's head in the Vatican. So this is no more than one of the many intermediate steps to the ultimate goal and that is to legalize all deviations: pedophilia, bestiality, etc.

    But the goyim do not have it yet, feasting and dancing but steering on such a boat towards the total decline of a civilization.

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