Anne Faber the most likely scenario: kidnapping, murder or something else?

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From all media reporting so far we can make a probability analysis about the cause of the missing person of Anne Faber. We then look at the last sent app, the location where her jacket, bicycle and backpack were found and can then quickly conclude that there is no accident. Fortunately, it appears that we are still capable of that, because the police concluded that last week yourself too. We also have to look for it, but leave it to the ME and specially trained volunteers from the Red Cross. They have a team of specially trained by the police who can search well. You and I can not. Daavoor you must be at it Ready2Help team of the Red Cross. If you and I are going to search, maybe we will start working with rakes and spades, or we will roll warts through all kinds of bushes. There must be systematic search and then the entire search area "professional" can be mapped, according to pre-established guidelines.

Yet it seems that we are stimulated to think along and the media make sure that we keep our attention focused on the missing thing, by posting something new about Anne every hour. We are now also on it search in gardens. De Telegraaf even used the subject to recruit members with the emotion provocative title 'Girl where are you now?'

We are sucked into a puzzle tour. The appearance of a photo of Anne's bicycle in front of the statue of the Roman goddess Ceres activated the first investigators among us. There are also reports of complicated coded tweets on one medium website, which contains references to Anne and to a location. The big puzzle tour has begun. There is also an AZC near where Anne's stuff is found, so that quickly reminds of a Marianne Vaatstra-like affair. Are we going to get the same kind of search as in time? Well, you probably leave that out of your head, because people like Wim Dankbaar have been allowed to play the game of 'the criticaster who bites and does not let go' and then goes up against penalties and high fines. We have Peter R. de Vries, the crime deity we trust. We also have the reliable mainstream media (which clarify us to leave the work to the professionals). We may search! But only if we are Ready2Help or under the guidance of the police; the professionals.

What are the scenarios that we can think of when Anne goes missing and what is most likely? An accident is excluded, because you can come up with your common sense. Is suicide also excluded? Not entirely, because you can also commit suicide and cycle a bit before and throw your coat out and throw something on your bag in the bushes, then dump your bike in the pond and then proceed to your action. But Anne has not yet been found and that suicide scenario sounds bizarre anyway. Nonsense! Although in the Anass Aouragh case from 2013, the 13 year old Anass would have found his scarf on a tree in that same piece of forest after a lot of searching (with helicopter and snifter dogs) (according to the official lecture). But in this case, let's just assume that there is more logic in the case. Although you can of course ask why a young woman from 25 is going to cycle a difficult stretch, on a not very suitable bike, about a terrain that already had a reputation, just before dark and with bar bad weather coming. We swallow that "She did that more often"Then for sweet cake?

Suppose that Anne would have been kidnapped or murdered; who would do such a thing? Of course she can also be alive and abducted. She can also be kidnapped and murdered and all kinds of other variants. The indications we have so far have to give an indication of the best possible scenario. Well, which kidnapper who plans his kidnapping well throws a coat in an easy to find spot and then put the backpack down in a completely different place (or throw it) and dump the bicycle in the pond? Okay, then maybe it was an unplanned action with lots of resistance and struggle or did Anne just manage to dump stuff yourself! Wait a minute, there is another option! Her kidnappers or her kidnapper deliberately dumped the stuff to set a false track! Or has Anne just needed an elongated holiday and is she enjoying a cocktail in New Zealand with us on our puzzle tour? No, a customs officer at Schiphol or a computer system would have recognized her somewhere. In short: we do not know. We need more technical information.

Do you want to know what I think? We are dealing with a multidimensional hoax that serves multiple purposes. To begin with, the 'drag law' must come out of this business. The family, for example, appealed to the AIVD to tap all telephones in the area. That was therefore a call for the application of that 'drag law', which has been passed through the first chamber for a long time (so that the referendum too little too late is). But above all, it's about game-validating quests and getting clear on the retina that this should be done professionally and in a structured way.

Because the police wants to color their image positively, they have a smartphone app (a kind of Pokémon Go app) in development that will stimulate you to help with searching; structured search. That app, called 'Search Together', is of course already on the shelf, ready for introduction, but the necessity must still be rubbed into the people. At the same time, the people must be held blind right the big danger of this app. This app has everything to do with the same 'sleep law' and everyone who installs the app on his phone will be real time can listen to. This means that with the introduction of this seemingly well-meaning app (whereby you can help in structured search for missing persons) you can always and everywhere and directly accessible, switch on your microphone and camera and access all the sensors of your phone for tough espionage on yourself.

In my opinion, the chances are that we are dealing with a setup here, using actors. Nathan Fidder, the friend of Anne Faber actual actor theater and theater group Imperium and Anne also worked for theater production company Het Huis.

Of course we can expect more results at a setup. Or Anne is just alive and well recovered; or we will soon receive a tragic message about a found body. In the latter case we have to do it again with media stories about a forensic investigation and for example a large-scale funeral or cremation. We do not know, we can not prove it. The movie Wag the Dog explains why. With the current software you can even let a deceased actor play in a movie (as in the case of actor Paul Walker in Fast & Furious 8). So we can not check anything of what we see on truth. Evidence can be fabricated and images can be created or manipulated (see for example the Netflix series'Making a Murderer'). In the meantime, the media also makes it clear that prying eyes are not welcome at crime scenes, by the mention of hermetic sealing and monitoring of an area. So we can not check anything truthfully and must do it with the contours of what we perceive. And if we look at the contours, then it is clear that this case is very bizarre again. We just do not let ourselves be stung with a clump in the reeds anymore.

I think that the average reader now realizes that the police are mainly engaged in game-authenticating missing people to stimulate the people to join in puzzling. The ultimate goal is that you will download the (monitoring) app, with the apparent aim of 'assistance with detection', but secret goal: to listen to yourself. In addition, the 'sleep law' must be put in a positive light by possibly providing a solution to the detection of the perpetrator. The same 'dragging law' that makes it possible to listen to the downloaders of the 'Samen Zoek' app on a massive scale. Of course; that is now also possible through the real-time purchase of Big Data at companies such as Facebook and Google, but it is useful if you as a police have the rights to turn on someone's microphone and camera anytime, anywhere and listen to and look. (Read continue here)

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  1. juul wrote:

    Well, if the story is real, then you feel guilty afterwards that you question it. But at the moment I do have question marks, and fortunately I read them back on this website. On the internet, Anne hardly seems to exist, just like her boyfriend. Which is pretty strange with such young people. And she would do university, where are the reactions of her fellow students? The parent (s) have not yet been in the media, only the uncle has spoken as a spokesman, and is 'coincidentally' a strategic communication advisor. What I also have a lot of questions about is this: what happened to the 'independent' media? All newspapers seem to publish a bit of the same news, perhaps even take over from each other, and apart from a 'live report of the search on the spot', are there few questions asked by journalists who go into the depths?

  2. moenen wrote:

    I'm not sure yet that I will fully participate in the conspiracy theory, but there are a number of strange things that play, except for the previously asked questions that have been discussed here on this website (good work Martin!).

    In the first call from her boyfriend, he describes the green coat, bicycle and backpack. Only these are therefore actually recovered. It will not surprise me if one of these days the luxurious sunglasses are also found, about which was initially spoken. But why do you take a pair of sunglasses with you, while you also put on your raincoat (apparently she knew that rain was coming) and it is already late? Wednesday was also written that there were other clothes were found, but we hear nothing about it (are they still being investigated for DNA and which were these)? And then that backpack, why do you take it with you during a bike ride? Apparently he was not even hers. I can understand that you want to take that drink and snacks with you, but you do that in such a relatively large backpack, and not in your pocket or bag on your luggage carrier for example. And where was that backpack during the selfie? Not on her back.

    And who has found the bike? Did someone spontaneously come up with the idea to look in the pond? Nothing is said about this. And then it is strange that the backpack is only found a day later in the bushes behind the pond if a whole pond has already been emptied.

    Then also the surprise that there is so much attention and is sought with so much man and police force. Very good of course, because we all want Anne to be found, but why is that not done in other cases? For example, since 30 September Xiana Meeuwse is missing and since 27 September Jennifer van Vliet and Naomi Sealtiel (see the official police paging Wanted & Missing). And why was the army not used to help last week? The commander had indicated that they were prepared, an official request had only been required from the police. Also the help of extra dog teams except for the police is not necessary apparently? In the past it has been proven that these private dog teams are very effective.

    In short, many questions about this sad disappearance case. The police are also always very brief in sharing information, which can often be very crucial. In the interests of the research that is often to be understood, but that does not seem to apply here.

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Because the police and the Public Prosecutor hoped that the suspect would lead the investigation team to the missing 25-old woman, the man was closely watched. Because this remained without result, it was decided to keep the man.

    On what basis has this man been arrested? So because the research remained without result, the best man was arrested, what a logic.?!

  4. Camera wrote:

    How many false tracks the public did not have to endure
    and have to think along with TV star Peter R, the merciless folk-plumper

    Mari anne V

    And now Anne F

    DNA was the solution

    What will be the solution now?

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