From Gay Pride to Pride Amsterdam, from LHBTI to LHBTIQAPC and from homophobic to transphobic

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Martin Vrijland is accused of everything online, including that he would be homophobic. Well, that is your purest penny, because I can find it very well with people of different allure. I am not homophobic, but gay propaganda-foob. After all, there is no longer any question of acceptance or emancipation of homosexuals. We can speak more of your purest propaganda. The rainbow mafia has now taken over the whole world with this propaganda. This is now reflected in the latest emancipation trend (propaganda); that of the LGBTI. It is no longer enough to be proud that you are gay. That is why the name of Gay Pride had to change to Pride Amsterdam. After all, you can also be proud if you are transgender or intersexual. Yes you can be "intersexual" nowadays and given the propaganda in primary schools where children learn that they are not 'young' or 'girl' because they happen to be born with such a genitals, but that they can still choose their gender, there will be more and more confused children come in the latest category: LHBTIQAPC. What? Yes, I did not make it up, but the rainbow mafia could use this propaganda in the free newspaper Metro draining:


  • Lesbian: A woman who feels emotionally / physically attracted to women
  • Homosexual: A man who feels emotionally / physically attracted to men
  • Bisexual: A man or woman who feels both emotionally and physically attracted to men and women
  • Transgender: umbrella term for people who do not identify with the gender assigned at birth
  • Intersek condition: an umbrella term for congenital conditions in which sex differs from what doctors consider norms for male and female bodies. There are many different intersex conditions
  • Queer: People who prefer not to place their sexual preference in a box. Someone who is a queer does not want to identify himself as a lesbian, hetero, bisexual or panssexual
  • Asexual: People who do not feel sexually attracted to others
  • Pancreatic: People who are attracted to all gender identities and biological sexes. They therefore do not fall on gender, but on the character or personality of the other
  • Cisgender: People in whom the birth gender corresponds to the perceived gender identity


Box thinking, labeling, categorizing: opinions are divided over the extension of the abbreviation LGBTI. Critics point to the negative aftertaste of the box thinking. It is impossible to make everyone feel at home in any term. No box is needed for love and gender, they argue.

Proponents of the abbreviation, on the other hand, are of the opinion that attention is paid to diversity. There is much more between man and woman, gay or straight, they mean. A longer abbreviation makes people more aware of this and contributes to a social discussion.

The group is therefore being expanded further and further. Especially the term Pansual is very interesting. We must now also understand people who can fall on all gender identities or biological sexes. That is actually one contradiction in termsbecause the biological sex state is actually denied by these rainbow mafia; after all, you want your gender to be a choice. But let us pay attention to what is actually described here. Could it be that here it is meant that people can also be sexually attracted to animals or children? Aleister Crowley would get a smile in his grave if he followed this development. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law ", said the man who called himself the beast and publicly glorified sex with children and everything and everyone.

Children are very important in Aleister Crowley's 'magick'. In order to connect with the occult field of force, Aleister Crowley recommended the ultimate ritual the exhaustion and rape of a young boy to. Aleister Crowley is a great example for many big names in world politics and the big names in the music industry openly show their admiration for Crowley.

Crowley was a great advocate of anal sex with as young boys as possible, because an energy is released that is, as it were, of spiritual occult value. Crowley was a champion of all kinds of magical techniques (magick with 'ck' called), such as 'reverse speech'. You can safely say that supporters of the teachings of Aleister Crowley are advocates of pedophilia (that which is still called 'pederasty' by Crowley) and possibly also practice it. Crowley applauded the pederasty in the poetry collection 'printed in Amsterdam in 1898'White Stains'(A ballad of passive pederasty). Of course, Crowley's supporters will not be open about this, but it is very likely that pederasty is being practiced by the members. It seems that this sexual (wrong) act gives the practitioners energy. They tap, as it were, the life energy of that person's soul. Aleister Crowley used sex rituals to achieve a higher spiritual status. The energy of children thus seems to be very valuable in the world of occultism or rather satanism (Saturnism). Not for nothing did we have a big pedophile scandal around the BBC presenter in England Jimmy Savilewho had access to children's homes and was very friendly with the British royal family. Both Savile and Aleister Crowley were modern varieties of druids from Celtic times. It was both clownish figures that seemed to have a lacquer to any standard. Crowley has had a great influence on our culture. He was honored by The Beatles and by many other big pop stars (including David Bowie). He also still has great influence on world leaders and people in many top positions in the business world.

So the rainbow mafia seems to slowly lead to acceptance of all sexual preferences. It seems as if it was not yet daring to call the P the meaning 'pedosexual', but it seems that this is the real meaning. Ah and what is wrong with that? You can still fall on little children? YouTube gave me at least a revenue block after I posted a movie by Paul de Leeuw that showed very clearly that Paul could not resist pulling the little Keesje on his lap and snapping it in his neck and ears, while Keesje with a trembling voice a song performed. Of course we do not have Jimmy Saviles in the Netherlands! You just have people who can fall on young children. This has been shown in the predilection of Senator Edward Brongersma or, for example, with Gerard Reve and many other famous Dutch people. So if it occurs, it is apparently normal and we have to accept it as a sexual preference.

Betting that many in the Netherlands now think so (as in the shaded text above)? Is that the result of years of rainbow mafia propaganda and years of habituation on the subject? Anyone who tends to consult his common sense, can remember that the anal or vaginal penetration of small children by an adult, is simply sexual abuse and everything has to do with beastliness and nothing with love. Not for nothing are small children often kidnapped and sexually abused against their will. The suffering that comes with this is often recorded in child pornography movies (read: child sexual abuse films), where beastly viewers enjoy the pain and suffering of unwanted abuse. Edward Brongersma was once a senator from the first chamber who had lots of such videos in the house. After the confiscation of these child sexual abuse films, the Public Prosecution Service decided to give these films to the Rutger WPF foundation. This foundation would use the images for scientific research. Do you have any idea what to scientifically investigate sexual abuse? Well, this foundation is responsible for the sexual education of your children in primary school.

Read in my my previous article what is behind this'gender blender'propaganda is hidden. Why is the concept gender neutral suddenly pushed in speech and toilet use and why is politics in Canada even so far that they have legislation has passed to arrange gender-neutral language use? Could it have anything to do with the hermaphrodite Baphomet, the symbolic goat sign of Lucifer? Was the man / woman Conchita Wurst, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, prophetic when he said: "We are unstoppable!"? Do you recognize the propaganda wherever you look? Only when you discover that transgenderism is a precursor for transhumanism; the preliminary stage of the Androgynous Android Transhuman, Only then will you see who is behind this agenda. Read therefore that article good again.

Would it not even make sense to boycott events like the Pride Amsterdam? It is all perhaps much less innocent than you think. It has all the appearance of pure indoctrination propaganda around it; indoctrination propaganda that spreads around the world like an oil slick. You are not homophobic if you speak out against the homophaganda and you are not transphobic if you speak out against the transgender propaganda. It is time to start pointing things and say 'Stop it!'

Still 1x Paul de Leeuw in his good old days (because of the YouTube censorship and income block, so only placed on Vimeo):

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Oh yes ... at the HEMO you can now buy t-shirts with gender-neutral names with a heart for it ... in all colors of the rainbow. Really HEMA!

  2. Camera wrote:

    At the bottom of this comment is the poisonous song of the devil ...
    Could it be worse, what does he say (it) minute 00; 35: especially for you, I have
    have "my" children been taken away? There is filthy Paultje a child at ..

    The child, the child of the Devil, read Baphomet .... is forced by many parents adults to children, people parents .... Who will open his mouth instead of this blogger?

    who, what is Baphomet really? (talked about lghbt)

    The child of the devil Baphomet

  3. ClairVoyance wrote:

    to John Sibbe Simons (see FB response to this article) I would like to say:
    Your heart is undoubtedly in the right place.
    But let me say this: Paganism is not fun and does not make you interesting and mysterious.
    And beware of those so-called lightworkers, new age in general, the black pieten, fake news, Alex Jones and associates, and controlled opposition in general, white versus black, psy-ops and propaganda in general etc. .
    I have just looked at your FB page.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Light a Lucifer and you have light ... so what should you think about when you hear the word "lightworkers"? To Lucifer ... workers for Lucifer. Nothing more and nothing less.
      Sounds nice that word, but "light workers" are the alternative media workers for Lucifer to support the ideas of Alice Baily (Lucis Trust = UN)

  4. Brain wrote:

    I think the propaganda / brainwashing
    which is now being poured out over the sheeple
    not exclusively for that purpose. I have the impression that it is the intention of the babeloers to make everything have a double meaning. The good can be evil at the same time and vice versa. The male can be female / female at the same time. This also applies to facts. A fact can not be a fact at the same time. Is something that really is really real? In short there is diffusion in personality / spirit and in 'philosophical' thinking. I think this is the main reason why brainwashing is in progress. Nobody knows what really is supposed to be, what the facts are. That is what the babeloniers determine with their new-speak.

  5. Camera wrote:

    fond of the DDuck, a character that everyone agrees and always in the spirit of the present by song by date,

    the propaganda is fed at a young age, without the parents being aware of it and the teachers not seemingly, see here

    the propaganda machine goes for free the education was machine,

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