Hoaxes and false flag attacks: through thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis to New World Order

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poetin-trumpIt seems increasingly difficult to understand how the game is played on the global chessboard. In the world of the alternative media sites there are some who have begun to glorify Donald Trump and others who see Putin as the man fighting the New World Order. The latter sites are usually prepared to label a terrorist attack as a false flag, but you never see them explaining that an event might well be a complete hoax. If there would be a hoax in the event of a terrorist attack, it could sometimes mean that both parties are aware that an attack has never taken place but has been put in scene. Obviously, it is by definition difficult to be able to do good analyzes from the chaos of information on the internet and to discover the true facts, but real In many cases, thinking critically does not seem to be part of the human mind, so people often rest in the pre-chewed story in the media or the news sites of their preference.

Let's assume the imaginary situation that, for example, the recent poison gas attack in the Syrian Idlib province was not an attack on the Assad regime, but a preconceived plan from both the West and Russia and its associated countries. "Which idiot invents such a position?", You may think now. That would mean that both countries are playing behind the scenes, but in the visible field (the media) accusing each other. That sounds pretty strange. Why should two parties that continually bombard each other with accusations work together behind the scenes? We saw the most striking example of this after the MH17 disaster. The West comes with a research report from the (Machiavelli price winning) OVV Research Council showing that a Russian BUK rocket would have shot the plane from the air. Russia denies this, but does not come up with arguments that would lead to a powerful unmasking of Western research results. For example, questions could be raised with the huge detour who made the BUK installation to end up at the launch site. Anyway, there could be many more questions about this disaster and the question that could be asked is whether there was a hoax, as explained in this article.

Russia is able to accuse the West of false flag attacks, but will never show that something is a hoax. A powerful, complete and unambiguous unmasking of Western accusations never seems to take place. Is this because there is never actually a false flag or hoax? Could it be that the world leaders keep us sweet with question marks in order to draw mankind together towards a desired final goal? There are still people who think that Putin (or maybe even the Turkish leader Erdogan) sees through the plans of the New World Order. Could it be that these strong leaders are simply part of the road map towards the New World Order? Why do they fly into each other's hair in Syria and why are the tensions currently even so far away that we seem to be on the threshold of a third world war? Could it be that those wars are planned at a very high level and that the world leaders therefore play their role of hostility in order to fulfill this agenda? That seems really too far-fetched.

Dialectical thinking has the character of a dialogue. A certain position is critically questioned from a different position and vice versa. The starting point is formed by conflicting intuition or hypotheses. This way of thinking was preferred by the Greek philosopher Plato. Later, the philosopher Hegel will work out the thesis. Hegel stated that not only thinking, but also the reality has a dialectical structure and is structured in three phases: These, anti-thesis en synthesis. A These is a statement that needs to be proven or argued. Sometimes a thesis is nuanced, in which case a new thesis usually arises (or hypothesis). We therefore call the contradiction of such a position anti-thesis. The battle in the media between arguments from East and West could therefore be called Hegelian Dialectic. The synthesis solves the conflict These en anti-thesis op, by reconciling the shared truths in both. The Hegelian dialectic is very simple: create a problem; check the problem and its effects. Then offer the solution. Hegelian philosophy states that "all historical events come from a conflict between opposing forces." Any idea or implementation of an idea can be seen as These. This one These provokes opposing forces, in a so-called anti-thesis. The final result will neither the Thesenor the anti-thesis are, but one synthesis of the two opposing forces.

The Hegelian dialectic is the process that seems to be used by the ruling elite. A problem is created that is known in advance about the reaction of the population. In this way, the people will embrace the pre-planned and desired solution. When the population is properly conditioned, the desired agenda of our power elite is presented as the desired solution to the problem they created themselves. We also call this in summary Problem, Reaction, Solution. To achieve a desired end result (synthesis) is thus the path of conflict (These en anti-thesis) a necessary road.

Could it be possible that world leaders over the heads of millions of dead and wars that they themselves have deliberately set up are a huge problem according to the rules of the Hegelian dialectic of These en anti-thesis? Are these the contradictions that are always presented to us in the media? It is of course nice that when you see through western imperialism, you can still build hope on someone like Putin or (for the Turkish community) Erdogan. But what if they only have the anti-thesis to form in the Hegelian game? For example, if we look at the history of the rise of President Vladimir Putin, it is not at all logical to assume that he is not part of the New World Order agenda. To begin with, a coup took place in Russia in the beginning of the last century, during the First World War. The then installed Lenin and his successor Stalin are actually proven puppets of the Zionist force field (read here the explanation); the force field of which we could say that this is the driving force behind the New World Order plan. Also the Hitler and his installed by zionist money anti-thesis enemy Stalin, played the game of Hegelian dialectics over the heads of tens of millions of deaths. The Solution, on this high game of Problems (war) and the Reaction (total exhaustion of the population), was the installation of the United Nations as a global control body.

In this game of the Hegelian dialectic played by the elitist pharaoh bloodlines (see here the explanation), which we recognize as presidents of large nations, war is the way to the desired synthesis. And for that war you have These en anti-thesis required. The global chessboard seems to be played according to this Hegelian script, in which (for those who pay attention) the world religions and their prophecies also seem to serve as masterscript (see here en here). So if you look at the problem of the threatening language and the increasing tension between East and West, you should study the power structure who may play this game of Hegelian dialectics behind the scenes. The goal seems clear: the total slavery of all mankind in the phase of synthesis.

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  1. Averroes wrote:

    This is exactly what it is and it is time for people to wake up and see through this deception. It is difficult I know and it is certainly going on for centuries with all its consequences. But it is not too late to guarantee the future of future generations and to grow up in total freedom. Awakening comes with the awareness of what is going on.


  2. Averroes wrote:

    To stay in police terms, 'good cop, bad cop':

  3. Averroes wrote:

    In the context of false flag operations, there are think tanks and powerful lobby organizations that propagate their agenda points open and exposed. But hardly anyone who pays attention to it, they prefer to eat what the msm (mockingbird) offers them:

  4. Averroes wrote:

    Talmudic Toner "Talmudic efforts" ????

    QUESTION: If you will allow me to apostrophize for a moment, these briefings have sometimes seemed to be almost irrational - (laughter) - but I have greatly appreciated our exegetical and Talmudic efforts to understand American foreign policy. I've used all five of those words in briefings about the last boxes or more years. (Laughter.) I've had an enormous -

    MR TONER: Well put.

  5. densie wrote:

    Shall I tell you something nice, Martin?
    There is no NWO .........

    Joyful Easter desired
    and deep Christ consciousness ....


    • PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

      What a wisdom prophet densie.
      I would also like to have such a crystal ball. Is useful, then you know the only one in the world exactly what will and will not happen. What will make you feel superior to the ordinary person with a computer and an internet connection.
      Do you also give lectures? Or do you also write books in which you share your knowledge of the future?
      Or is it a secret that you do not want to clarify?
      For example, I am curious whether the US will be completely destroyed in the short term.
      Could you please touch a corner of the veil. What shows that the NWO is going to be a failure, what will happen that will cause the NWO to fail?
      Alien? the Messiah?
      Greetings from a simple farmer's cock.

      • PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

        Or will we be rescued by Ole Dammegard and Jim Fetzer, because those heroes do well on the road. Ole had almost prevented the inside jobs in London and Stockholm because of the information he had received from a befriended ex-CIA agent ...

  6. densie wrote:

    a hearty laugh rises ...
    haha ...
    know thyself!
    thank you for portraying yourself as a simple farmer's cock ...
    everything will turn out well ...
    no I am not a prophet, no I do not feel exalted ...
    we are the 99%

  7. densie wrote:

    would like to lose ...
    your questions are challenging ... and cynical ...
    bad for your health….
    fear is a bad counselor
    and I do not read anything else here ...
    such a pity….

    • Averroes wrote:

      @densie, you mean advisor ???? I smell a yoga mat, ginger tea and 15 less me-time. Do you believe in new age?

      By the way better a sober farmer's cock than a misguided landlord ??

      • Freba wrote:

        In fact, we have been "silent" for thousands of years as humanity. Because the "top" engine, your brain, has been working the same for 30.000 years. We only wear tailored suits instead of animal skins.
        The late Piet Vroon writes chapters full in the "Tears of the Crocodile". So if you just continue to procreate simply as a "simple farmer's cock", it becomes a mess. I understand that "MEN" intervenes. Spreading an Ebola virus occasionally. See how it goes down.
        9 billion people at the end of the century; what a prospect. If you have to leave all that to "Monkey Colonies", things will not work out. Tolle: "Everything Is Form". (And Ending)

    • PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

      @densie, thanks for your reaction.
      I cynical? Yes, that is true.
      And my questions are challenging. idd, I wanted you to be clarified.

      And fear, well that's okay. My biggest fear at the moment is that Ruby, our brood chicken, does not drink enough or that our naked chicken 'Madeleine Albright' tramples Ruby's eggs again.

      What also frightens me somewhat is the new age religion that spreads like a true pandemic.
      That you come across as vague, I think, is due to the new age brainwasher Eckard Tolle.
      Imagine everyone is going to dump like Tolle .... ????
      I do not want to live in such a world.

      • Averroes wrote:

        @density and PORVH

        happy Pesach ????

      • Freba wrote:

        I like to fuck as Tolle. Eea based on Buddhism. The largest flowering in China came about under Buddhist "conditions". We in Europe and the so-called free West, peasant shops are compared with that body of thought. In any case, we act as such.
        Neanderthals are not extinct. Just look around you. If you are aware of it; it will be a lot easier. The phylogenetic remains are still abundant in us.
        We are going down to our arrogance AND stupidity. And whether you want it or not; you do belong. Actually laughable.

  8. densie wrote:

    nice! no I am not religious ...
    from after the Cross ...
    Stand up, so to speak ... Illuminated ....
    About as Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle and many with them ...

    because that's what happens ... people wake up ....

    am and stay simple ... in the silence of the heart


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