It should be over with that #MeToo whine

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It is regularly told me that I am making fun of the #MeToo revelations of the past time. We can still be happy that a trend has finally arisen where people dare to speak out and a taboo is broken. That is the image that is put down, but I can not remember that there has ever been a taboo on it. There was never a taboo on the busty executive secretaries who did it openly with the boss and whose job with above-average salary usually did not amount to much more than supervising the VP or director on their business trips when I worked for a large telecom company. To my taste is the #MeToo hating is nothing more than a hype intended to introduce a corrective mechanism in society. Why do all those soap stars and the like start to beep all of a sudden, while at the moment they could have walked away too badly.

On my 14e I was invited once by a gentleman who sometimes sat watching at the billiards in the cafe during my truancy of the drawing lesson. The man asked me if I wanted to earn a penny and said that I wanted to come to the hotel lobby of the Orange hotel. Fine, I thought, because that is still on the bike route home. When he arrived he said that he was a high judge for the court in Arnhem. Apparently he had to let him know how important he found himself. Then he asked if I wanted to earn something by going with him to the hotel room. Suddenly the penny fell. "Gadverdamme"I thought, and instinctively I gave him a blow to his head and then ran away. #MeToo This also applies to me, with the difference that I did not first but willingly bent for the request to start running a decade later. You could have kept the honor of yourself at that moment. Yes, then you missed a wonderful career or you might have been fired. So what? #MeToo

I have to tell you honestly that I do not like anything at all #MeToo hype believe differently than it happens that men sometimes women in their ass squeezing and sometimes have done with a colleague in the broom closet (#MeToo). But let's be honest: how wonderful do women who consciously dress dress really think the attention it brings? No, not all women are like that and not all men are like that, but sometimes it is just a conscious game that fits perfectly with the (original) biology of humans. And yes, if something is undesirable or intrusive, it falls into the category of sexual assault. There is nothing new about that. And if men do this in women (or men), then that is always and immediately worth the trouble. That has always been the case. Suddenly, however, the image must arise that nothing happened in the past. Kolder.

In my opinion, it's all about the Brave New World correctness measures that have to be introduced. In addition, the man must be put more and more as a dangerous predator that suffers from testosterone. That must be suppressed. We have to get rid of the hetero-man and more and more to the metro-man; or rather, we must move towards gender neutrality where difference between man and woman disappears and where the old-fashioned primeval biological effect of the game of attraction and repulsion must be labeled as a dangerous criminal offense. We also have to move towards behavioral and speech correctness, in which technology will correct and fine us in case of violation. Read for that this article and also read the article under the blue link above.


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  1. Notis wrote:

    Divide et impera.
    As the zionazies in the Ukraine have done and in Syria etc etc. and they now try in Iran, the trick of zionazies is always to set up groups of people against each other. In the Netherlands eg the Muslims against the Christians etc.
    What could be better than putting all the largest groups in the WOMEN against the MEN (the whole world)! Very smart of them and they are working hard now.
    Women must be hard-hearted hear shark sharks (HHH) and men are semi-soft hairless gays or mouth-dead muzzles sissies (MMM).
    PLEASE NOTE: that in addition to DWWD jerk sorry sissy from Nieuwkerken where a "4 tal witches" sorry "4 about the horse raised" eh pardon "4 developed nice very nice women" the rights of the woman to defend simultaneously on other nets NPO 2, 3 etc. In an advertisement a man lets himself be barked by a woman, after which he gives the woman a face in the face.
    It is wonderful to mix those 'old' role patterns or to put them right next to each other with the 'emancipatory' patterns of modern times.
    Rockefeller cs started with it, see:

  2. Camera wrote:

    And the (reign / rule) List & Bedrog Price goes to this year
    the founder of the (NWO) project "She decides"

    Lili anne Ploumen (ex-minister colonialisation and trading power)

  3. Camera wrote:

    Unesco founded in UK 1945 Huxley first director
    and co-founder of WWF (world nature fund)> first president Prince Bernhard

  4. SandinG wrote:

    Huppa, disruption goes on and the nihilists can promote it ..

    Liekens sees advantages of the sex robot. "He does not contradict you, is never aggressive. It is a bit like a pet, only you can knead it even more according to your own preference. "

    In addition, a sex robot is more than just a vibrator with a body attached to it, says Goedele. "They call it a sex robot, but it is rather a form of companionship. People talk to it, sleep in it and cuddle with it. Most people do not really do that with their vibrator. "

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