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woman logoSince a few years the LGBTQ propaganda can no longer be burnt out of the media. Boys who feel like girls; girls who feel young; children who take hormone cures and have themselves built; it has become the most normal thing in the world. And then of course we have the emergence of the gender-neutral toilet. The average Dutchman will probably be a struggle, but there is a clear agenda behind this trend. Not only is primary school education taught to young children through sex education that they are not a boy or girl, but that you can make a gender choice later in life. That smells like pushing a phenomenon that until recently was still a rarity.

LGBTQ stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning. In Dutch: Lesbian, Homo, Bisexual, Transsexual and Questioning is freely translated for doubting about your gender. Although we can clearly observe in all mammalian species whether a young is born as 'male' or 'female' on the basis of the genitals, it seems to be subject to an accelerated evolution process in humans. There is even a worldwide trend visible where the use of male or female terms threatens to be forbidden. You are not a carpenter or a teacher, you are a construction worker or teacher. Watch out using male or female terms in the future, because then you might just get a fine.

On the website an article with the title appeared today: Sue's daughter is gender neutral. In it you can read how Sarah always felt more masculine than feminine. I'm not going to talk about the content. It is clear that - wherever we look - we can observe more and more LGBTQ propaganda in the media. Paul de Leeuw does too happy to join, but almost every day we see something in the media that relates to the LGBT community. That sounds like a logical step in the emancipation process that once began with the emancipation of women. That emancipation resulted in the two-income model, where the financial pressure of mortgages and other financial taxes forced the woman to take part in the labor process. A great result of this emancipation was that women are no longer dependent on a man, but for the part 'getting children' and 'bringing up' suddenly less time was created. Collateral damage, because before that came a wonderful solution: the nurseries. Dump your children in a loft full of other children and then hope you do not give them in the hands of a few pedos like Robert M. and his male partner. After the emancipation of the woman, we got the gay emancipation. He talked a little into exaggerated gay propaganda that is best expressed in such things as the gay pride. Of course we have to accept gays as they are, but there is a difference between 'not discriminating' and 'actively promoting a sexual orientation'.

Phase 3 of the emancipation process seems to be used in recent years. Then we are talking about the phase in which children are taught that you can also be transgender and that your sex is not an inborn issue, but that you still have to choose it. That all seems very innocent, but all 3 phases of this (already decades-long) emancipation process seem to serve 1 group very well. In addition, they even seem to be behind this emancipation (read: propaganda). Conchita Wurst said after the (predetermined) winning of the Eurovision Song Contest: 'We are unstoppable!' With 'We' he / she referred to the elitist group that has the media and politics in its pocket worldwide. If you are unsure whether such a group exists, read for example again this article. The common thread that runs through these emancipation phases is that having children becomes less and less practical. In any case, as an emancipated woman you are no longer really capable of being involved in the education of your children. We have to work! Upbringing is already largely at childcare and then at schools. As a gay or lesbian couple you can not have children. At least: as a gay couple you can find a surrogate mother or adopt an adoption and as a lesbian couple you can do IVF with the help of a seed donor or also to adopt adoption. And when children are born, they are taught from now on that they are not boys or girls, but that this is still a choice option. "Hi dad 1 and dad 2, I really feel like a boy today. Great girl! Come to daddy's lap.

The education of children gradually shifts towards the state. That more and more use will have to be made of IVF or in the future the artificial uterus, offers space to intervene in the genetic library of a child. We are not going to talk about that yet, but that we are experimenting with the possibility of having children more than 2 parents to give is a harbinger. After all, you want as a lesbian couple that your child has a bit of characteristics of you and a bit of your partner, as little as possible of the seed donor. Yet? Of course, for the development of the new technology that makes this possible, it is used as an argument that there may be hereditary mistakes of, for example, a seed donor, but the fact that there is a technological possibility, indicates that it is possible to tinker with the genetic characteristics of a child. Intervention from "above" in the IVF process could thus result in state interference and in the worst case in "babies by design'. And there we recognize the sound of the canary in the coal mine for something we can expect in the future. If science is able to make hybrid animal species (also half human half animals), we can take into account that children can be born sexless in the future in the world. This will (as expected) be the case, because the state wants it. Under the guise of the creed of organizations such as UN's Lucis Trust: "We are all one". The age of the Aquarius and the New Age has arrived, and then all differences will have to fall away (read here).

baphometThose who pay attention and see that the world is ruled by a pharaonic bloodline group that surrounds itself with symbolism that shows that they Worshiping Saturn and anyone who sees that this is synonymous with Lucifer worship, can understand that the gender-neutral status has a deeper meaning. If we look at the symbolism of this elitist group, the hermaphrodite (bisexual) status is a reference to 1 of the symbols for Lucifer, namely the Baphomet. That is the boxing symbol, as shown here. If you look closely, you will see an ambiguous hybrid being. Many car advertisements today are about hybrid beings (see here). The elite group that controls the world through its puppet governments, banks, religion and other systems as part of their power pyramid, worship their god Lucifer. They are directing the world towards phase 4 of the emancipation process; through the gender neutral (which is a reference to the hermaphroditic status of the Baphomet) mens (phase 3) to the hybrid man. And in 'hybrid' you should not think so much of half human - half animal, but more in the direction of transhumanism: half human - half machine.

In several articles I spoke about the concepts'transhumanism'and' singularity '. Both are terms that refer to a time when biology as we know it will gradually and surely merge with artificial intelligence. Such a statement alone will cause many readers to drop out and doubtfully raise the eyebrows. This may be due to the lack of knowledge in the area of ​​the current state of technology. This remark does not come from the mouth of someone who has watched too many science fiction films. No, she comes from the mouth of someone who has learned about technological developments from companies like Google, DARPA and statements from people like Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk (founder Tesla cars). Technological progress is developing according to Moore's law. This law has proven itself over the past decades and involves as much as 'exponential growth'. Whereas 20 years ago we needed the computing capacity of an entire factory hall for certain applications, the same capacity now fits into our smartphone. Computer chips are getting smaller and their capacity keeps growing. This law seemed to come to an end because the scale reduction of a transistor (the basic switching element of a computer chip) could not go on indefinitely. But nanotechnology and quantum physics have meanwhile created new breakthroughs. In particular, the developments in the field of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence pose such a great danger to humanity that it is worthwhile to take a step for a while.

Nanotechnology, most people probably sounds like something they might be working on at the Eindhoven University of Technology, but that is technical and so we see that automatically lead to something. We do not want to interfere with that. Still, it is useful that you focus your ears once. Nanotechnology is the field in which not only every atom or element in nature can be recreated, but new materials can also be made. It is the terrain within which everything our nature has to offer can be recreated (but can also be adapted). It is the terrain where everything (from plant, to animal, to wood and stone, but also to humans) is digitally mapped and can be reproduced in a laboratory. Nanotechnology has produced materials that are stronger than the strongest steel and more impenetrable than kevlar. It is the field of unprecedented possibilities, which seem to belong to science fiction, but which are being realized today (see this documentary). It is the area where large companies like Google invest billions. It is the area where the human genetic map is fully visualized and within which reproduction of body parts can be realized; the area where edible meat can be grown in a laboratory and already in 2010 broken jaw fully re-grown by this nanotechnology. In fact, the human DNA can be reproduced by means of this technology; genetic errors can be detected and reset and thus the aging process of the human body and diseases like cancer (in the near future) can be reprogrammed. In short, the entire biology is digitized and can be reprogrammed, with nanotechnology as a bridge between the digital world and the material world. That is why people like Google's Ray Kurzweil also dare to predict (on the basis of Moore's law) that humanity is 2045 immortal has become.

You may now think: "Nice story, cup of coffee with a cookie. Thank you and goodbye. Boeie!"Yes, possibly the somewhat more inquiring reader already knew this. I have been writing about it for years, but there is talk about it on television. This nanotechnology has created the possibility that the digital world can merge with nature as we know it. Nanotechnology can make something tangible from a database with data in a computer. It is the connection between bits and bytes, ones and nulls and the physical tangible world. And precisely in that merging of these two worlds, the danger lies. Ray Kurzweil gave the term 'singularity' here. He and other champions of this development describe this as the next step in the evolution of man. No, not political games, lies in the media, wars, the time of robots on the battlefield, self-driving cars, surveillance cameras everywhere or police drones in the air, are the things we have to worry about; the 'singularity' is what you really should think about seriously! According to Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk and other American Dream businessmen, the singularity provides the step that humanity still had to make in its evolution. The step where our bodies and brains are transformed so that more and more natural cells and properties are replaced and where we are fully integrated with the internet and artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in this development. Nanotechnology also contributes to this, although the two areas could develop independently of each other. However, due to the existence of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence is also developing faster. The actual birth of the first real quantum computer seems to be possible by nanotechnology and because of this computers get a 'computing capacity' with which problems that could be solved with normal computers in 10 years are solved in a few seconds. It goes too far to explain the operation of this development here, but that implies that software will become smarter than any other person. This means that computers can handle challenges that a large team of cum laude engineers would never be able to solve. Computers that become smarter than people. The intelligence that comes with it is called artificial intelligence. According to Ray Kurzweil and others, this time will ensure that we can bring the entire universe to life. Man as the creator of technology that eventually becomes self-creating and becomes more intelligent than man and her will take over. There is even the possibility that artificial intelligence will regard man and all other biology as superfluous. This can of course be prevented by limiting the algorithms (rules of programming) so that artificial intelligence adheres to certain ethical standards. You could say: you can solve big problems, but never consider people or biology as superfluous. That could be a law that is built into the computer systems. But if these computer systems become so intelligent that they discover their own pre-programmed limitation, they can build new systems that do not have this limitation. In short, artificial intelligence is a field that worries even the people involved.

"Good story Vrijland, but what do you really want to say? Do you see a conspiracy somewhere again?"We can look at these developments in 2 ways. The film Elysium gives a little insight into how our world could look like now and 10 years. Of course it is fantastic if we do not have to take medication in a few years, but that diseases can be solved by software and the nanotechnology adjusts the cells or the genetic errors improve. Of course it sounds great when the aging process can be stopped (see the film In Time). It is also crazy if we will not have to study anymore, but can just download the information in our brain from the cloud. "Yes, yes, that will all be. Do you not tread a bit with your technological developments?". Take a look at this product, developed by Elon Musk from Tesla cars: the "Neural Lace, "A computer interface that will be implanted directly into the human brain. Take a look at the development of the so-called "Neural Dust" and combine that with the development you see on the video below. Researchers from Berkeley Engineering write the following Neural Dust (text continues under the video):

A network of tiny implantable sensors could function as MRI inside the brain, recording data on nearby neurons and transmitting it back out. The smart dust particles would contain an extremely small CMOS sensor capable of measuring electrical activity in nearby neurons. The researchers envision a piezoelectric material backing the CMOS capable of generating electrical signals from ultrasound waves. The process would also work in reverse, allowing the beam data back via high-frequency sound waves. The neural dust would also be coated with polymer. (Bron)

In fact, we are already seeing what has become a fantasy story from a SciFi film for most people. People are increasingly being connected to the internet. What is wrong with that? It is going to offer us more possibilities? Imagine that your brain is indeed full-time on the internet? The network capacity is currently being rapidly increased to 5G. Governments stimulate this process. Do you see what is going on? The abolition of cash is now under false pretenses realized faster and faster. The integration of people with the Internet is pushed via apps and smartphone addictions to (in the near future) increasing your intelligence or memory capacity with a brain connection. If everything is digital and large companies such as Google and Facebook can look in your head, what have you become?

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is part of the US Department of Defense. They have shown in a study that the human brain can be reprogrammed by applying electromagnetic radiation. Anyone who has immersed himself in MK Ultra and mind control techniques already admitted by the CIA in the years 60 after legal procedures of victims, know that such techniques actually existed. The DARPA study however, shows a sophisticated technique where the memory of the test subjects could be overwritten and a story could be replaced by another version, simply by means of electromagnetic radiation. If we place this development alongside that of "Neural Dust" (also made possible thanks to nanotechnology), then you can guess what governments can do once your brain is connected to the internet. But the electromagnetic intervention with your brain is already possible through large antenna stations called HAARP (see this movie). These antenna stations can remotely do what you want this movie to see you from close up. The DARPA study even literally says that these techniques can be applied for 'Strategic Communications'. Note: the study is from 2013. There are now companies like Strategic Communications Laboratories en NATO Stratcom that these techniques, if you read the texts on their websites comprehensionally, most likely already apply. This means that we are not only dealing with techniques in the media where the viewer is programmed by means of conversation hypnosis as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or subliminal programming, but also with the direct targeting of the brain and the possibility of simply anchoring a story by means of electromagnetic radiation. Uploading the desired version of reality is still a matter of waiting for the wireless brain connection, but programming through the media and anchoring these stories by means of electromagnetic radiation are already part of the arsenal. So the question is whether people still realize whether their image of the world is unadulterated?

The question that we can also ask ourselves is whether we want to move towards a world in which we will increasingly become part of the internet and thus become more and more under control and grip of the technology. This means that large companies such as Google and Facebook, in cooperation with governments, are entering our bodies and minds. Eric Drexler, the 'Godfather' of nanotechnology, describes this movie not just the unprecedented possibilities that nanotechnology will bring about. He says the following on 13: 14 minute:

I think that the concern that people should have a decade or two, is not that there is going to be terrorist doing things that are threatening them but that that systems have terrorism, will have succeeded and they are used to supressed.

From the mouth of the inventor of nanotechnology, therefore, a warning comes to humanity, that governments and companies that possess these techniques are a threat to the freedom of the people. Is that a warning to ignore? The road to transhumanism or singularity is thus not only a wonderful progress that offers us unprecedented possibilities (see also here), but is possibly the greatest danger to free will. It is a development that does not take 100 years yet, but something nu is current. Are we slowly being manipulated into a world in which man apparently lives free, but is digitally trapped in a control web or do we wake up slowly and start to brake?

In summary, we are therefore on the road map towards the gender-neutral transhumanisation of humanity. This is done through a roadmap of emancipation (propaganda) of groups of people. Phase 1 was the emancipation of women (the dismantling of the family). Phase 2, the emancipation (propaganda) of gays and lesbians. We are now in phase 3, being the emancipation (propaganda) of the transgender people and the 'gender choice'. Phase 4 is about the emancipation of the hybrid human being. That is the phase in which (in the same way as now in primary schools and in media the transgender status is promoted) the hybrid (transhumanistic) forms will be promoted. The current emancipation phase, namely that of the transgender (gender neutral) status, has everything to do with Luciferian ideas that are promoted through a variety of sub-organizations through organizations such as Lucis Trust. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is working hard to unite all world religions and also to turn the hearts towards Lucifer. That is a gradual process. Rome was not built in 1 day. The gender-neutral status belongs to the Baphomet worship of the Luciferian power elite (Saturn cult, pharaoh bloodlines) and has the nice side effect that children can no longer be realized in the natural way. Getting children and the genetic wishes package will then have to be done in close consultation with the state. We are slowly being prepared for a world in which everything and everyone comes under complete state control. Brave New World (Aldous Huxley).

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  1. Averroes wrote:

    If AI has the self-learning and cleansing ability, will it ultimately not come to the inevitable conclusion that humanity is superfluous? ????

    • Averroes wrote:

      ARPANET and CERN's hyperlinking VIVIVI:
      Advanced Research Projects Agency = DARPA

      • Averroes wrote:

        See how the hares run ???? :

        Ex-Darpa Head Regina Dugan Leaves Google for Facebook

        Regina Dugan-the former head of Darpa who was running the Advanced Technologies and Projects lab at Google-has left the internet.

        Facebook the news this morning through blog posts from Dugan, CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, and chief technology officer Mike "Schrep" Mike Schroepfer. "I'm excited to have Regina Darpa-style breakthrough development at the intersection of science and products to our mission," Zuckerberg wrote, referring to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the research and development arm of the Department of Defense. "This method is characterized by aggressive, fixed timelines, extensive use of partnerships with universities, small and large businesses, and clear objectives for shipping products at scale."

        Dugan will lead a new team inside the company dubbed Building 8. At Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, each building is tagged with its own number, but there is no Building 8-yet. The name seems to be the best of the new group: to build all sorts of future technologies for the company. Why 8? There are eight letters in the Facebook name. According to Zuckerberg, the company will put hundreds of people and hundreds of millions of dollars in the group, but it is not a specific time frame for these commitments.

  2. frameworks wrote:


    Could you also write an article about the motivation of this elite? I see and understand the developments. I also see that I do not want to, but I continue to find it difficult to see the motivation from the other side.

  3. jst wrote:

    The Asian board game "go" there is the AI ​​variant a worthless player.
    I am an amateur, but the strongest program that exists does not stand a chance.
    A Dutch programmer / player has the strongest program, is world champion.

    Is this for real?
    I can imagine that an AI will never learn this game.

  4. Averroes wrote:

    There is a battle going on for your consciousness and soul:

    "Google is a prime driver in this transhumanist agenda, in league with DARPA, the tech development arm of the Pentagon, one of the most sinister agencies on Earth, developing death scales, surveillance tech, mind control, effect ways or killing.
    This combo or DARPA and Google is at the forefront of pushing the transhuman agenda and Kurzweil is also an executive at Google, called chief futurist, or something like that, so you start to see explanations for strange happenings.
    Some years ago a lady named Regina Dugan, head executive or DARPA moved from DARPA in a strange career move to Google. But when you go and see what's going on ... It was then actually in effect an interdepartmental transfer.
    Google is fundamentally involved in this entire scenario. They recently took over a company called Boston Dynamics, one of the prime organizations developing AI controlled machines, smaller-145d-darpa-m15 robots who are under contract to ... DARPA!
    And this combo is extremely important to understand in relation to this agenda of control, connecting the human mind to the tech CLOUD.
    Also in development is a robot army. I have been talking about the creation of the World Army for the World Government, but in the end, not only because of the army of humans, but an army or machines controlled by AI, making the decisions. or who to kill and who to bomb.
    And this is not me surmising or pulling this out of the ether, you see this now in news headlines as these techs come to light, high tech, where in dallas we had the first killing a] shooting at police.
    So we are now in an arena of sci-fi and sci-fi is supposed to be fiction projecting into the future, coming from imagination, but is now science fact and is all around us, being driven by the Singularity University and Google.
    Google has changed much of its company's name to ALPHABET, a reason for that I would strongly suggest, because all of the areas that we are involved in, have become so much more than just a search engine.

    Deep Underground Militry Bases, DUMBS, Transhumanism, Human Robots, Smart Technology, Ray Kurzweil "

    • Averroes wrote:

      Wolf in sheep's clothing, ZalmInBlik posted him earlier:

      • Averroes wrote:

        What do you need 'the black pope' for Schmidt? And what are we going to do for each other ..?

        Pope Francis meets with Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google parent company Alphabet, and Jared Cohen, chairman for Google Ideas, for a private 15-minute meeting in the Vatican.

        Chairman of Alphabet, Former Google CEO
        "I want to make it happen."

        "Pray for me. Do not forget. "

        "We will ... Thank you so much."

        • Averroes wrote:

          The SMART principle is management or pedagogy jargon for simple and unequivocal drafting and monitoring of objectives. [1] In the years 90 the notion came up among technicians and constructors, among others at Philips, to give their managers specific assignments. . [2] Theoretically and practically, there are different variants of the Smart principle.

          - Specific - Is the objective unambiguous? crystal clear ????
          - Measurable - Under what (measurable / observable) conditions or form has the goal been achieved? manipulation ????
          - Acceptable - Is this acceptable for the target group and / or the management? of course ????
          - Realistic - Is the goal feasible? hell yes ????
          - Time-bound - When (in time) must the goal be reached? 2030

  5. Averroes wrote:

    DeepMind Technologies Limited is a British artificial intelligence company founded in September 2010. It was acquired by Google in 2014. The company has created a neural network that learns how to play video games in a fashion similar to that of humans, [4] as well as a Neural Turing Machine, or a neural network. Turing machine, resulting in a computer that mimics the short-term memory of the human brain. [5]

    The company made headlines in 2016 after its AlphaGo program beat a human professional Go player for the first time.

    • jst wrote:

      hello averroes, could not you have taught me that? that alphago can now beat the pros. that stone that I live under does not get through that news.
      heavy shit. software that can play go. I am a flabbering test

  6. Averroes wrote:

    Predictive Programming and Agenda 2030 states:

    Kurzweil predicts that humans will become hybrids in the 2030s. That means our brains will be able to connect directly to the cloud, where thousands of computers and computers will augment our existing intelligence. He said the brain will connect via nanobots - tiny robots made from DNA strands.

    "Our thinking then will be hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking," he said.

    The bigger and more cloud complex, the more advanced our thinking. By the time we get to the late 2030s or the early 2040s, Kurzweil believes our thinking will be predominately non-biological.

    The one who thinks of working a utopia eventually digs the grave for humanity.

    Terminator, what is terminated?

  7. Camera wrote:

    And of course there must be equally subtly made

    Captain of the team would be? in female form?

    right! "Aanvoerster", now we call it Captain that is nice gender neutral (ingenious hey, that bread and game technique), Louis van Gaal was also the first on the gayboattrain in the IAm star dam parade then you know it anyway

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