Michael P. Anne Faber psyop 'Problem Reaction Solution' to more police state and fewer rights

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minister Sander Dekker (source dvhn.nl)

In several articles I described why the Anne Faber case, in which Michael P. was the perpetrator, was most likely a PsyOp (psychological operation). An operation to push through more legislation. Today that monkey is clearly coming out of the meow. Proof of the maxim Problem, Reaction, Solution in optima forma. You create a social problem with great impact (Problems) provokes a fierce emotional reaction among the people (Reaction) and can implement new laws and measures that would normally never be accepted (Solution). You then package that in words such as “The government has failed in the protection that society can expect from it", Such as those from Minister Sander Dekker; member of the actor club The Hague.

"Yes, but Anne Faber really existed. We have seen so many photos of her and we have seen her parents in the picture and there is enough evidence in the form of photos and videos that she existed. She worked here and she did sister and stuff. We have seen her parents, we have seen so much evidence!"Maybe it really existed, but if you know who owns the ANP, then you also know what big money is behind it and what technical means could be available to make deep fakes. It is not without reason that John de Mol (owner of ANP) is a TV producer and billionaire. Nowadays you can easily create non-existent people with AI (artificially intelligent) software, make photos and videos of what they looked like as a child and thus assemble an entire social network including history with images and sound material. That is already possible on an average PC that you have at home; let alone what the professionals can do. (Read further under the video)

It was so obvious that stricter restrictive legislation was imminent in the Anne Faber case, that an overdose of emotionally stimulating media was brought in to get the people into the Reaction to convince phase. Emotion always works well and so you can use actors to play the parent role and thus stimulate the emotion. Who will say? Who will recognize them? Nobody, because they can be unrecognizable in real life and everything is being boarded up with (mainly) the social media state scroll army who will say "I know that person, because it is a knowledge of" or "it is a colleague of". Who controls media and social media, can color and change the entire perception of reality. Take a look at the video below to discover how that works with deep fakes. So you can make faces from scratch and put them live over an interview with an actor, so that your 'father' or 'mother' can completely fake. That is also possible for a group of people, because then you do that through greenscreen. Finally, you can also work with large groups of compromised actors or Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter. Michael P. does not really have to exist, Anne Faber can be created by means of deep fake software and the interviews with her parents can also be easily faked. (Read further under the video)

"But Vrijland, the murder of Anne Faber could just as well have really happened?"Yes, you can, only in the series of articles that I wrote about that (see here) It has become clear that it has turned out to be a very unlikely story. Which young woman gets on a bicycle to start with a storm predicted and then starts cycling an ANWB route and why was her coat found on 3 October and did it take 6 days for a DNA match with Michael Panhuis to be realized? That is simply not correct. The NFI can do that to do in 6 hours. Why did Michael spread all found objects around and what about his being? scooter ride with Anne Faber behind? Why was she first buried and then cremated and then again to be buried? Why were forensic and autopsy report not shown in the court case? Oh well, and there have been many more oddities in this case, but mainly because you have seen the images of emotional parents, you have come to believe in it. The exciting storyline plus treasure hunt (Problems) emotionally affected the people enormously and so it became in the Reaction in order to embrace the new legislation of “minister” (actor) Sander Dekker (Solution). This can now be done by your child or happen to yourself too:

Dekker calls it 'very undesirable' that suspects who need treatment in TBS that can escape by not cooperating with investigations and that this can no longer happen.

In addition, a structured risk assessment and a crime analysis are made mandatory. Societal risks when granting freedoms to detainees become more important.

In short: research into the psychological state becomes mandatory and then we think of Michael Panhuis and so we are convinced of the necessity. The fact that for many citizens this may mean that they will be placed at the disposal of the state for life (and thus lose all human rights), after having undergone a mandatory examination, means that anyone who wants to psychiatically write off can be referred to. So more police state.

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  1. SalmonInClick wrote:

    The reins are tightened on every level now that Article 13 has been approved by the Politburo. The question is how long, for example, we can respond to a site like this without seeing an ANP subpoena. Nothing changes for zombies with blinkers on.

  2. Riffian wrote:

    The Netherlands waterland at first glance it looks friendly, calm and timid..but there is a treacherous undercurrent

  3. Sun wrote:

    Oh well, the slaves don't care. Even the non-native fellow human beings are affected. Nothing happens unless it is directed by the government. The fact that all these measures are being pushed through is because there is no opposition in Madurodam. Yes actors. The measures will not wake the slaves, on the contrary they will identify themselves even more with the government (stockholm syndrome). There will be a hardening to the ordinary citizens among themselves, but not so negatively the gardens always look neat. Quite comforting right?

  4. juul wrote:

    I am happy with the Martin Vrijland website, because I still feel a bit normal. Immediately before the disappearance I immediately doubted whether the photo was right. Did a search: no profile on FB of such a young lady? But when I doubted the story, I felt almost silly about myself: what if it was real?

    That is why I was relieved to find this site. It now has a name: Psyop. Do you know why it works so well? Anyone who reacts indignantly seems to be right on his / her side. Hence the approach to this: to always pick up the indignation, so that people will automatically accept new legislation.

    But what if the Psyop becomes so good that you no longer recognize it as a Psyop? I'm afraid of that. And why do so few journalists conduct research? With this case, enough loose ends, I would think. And why does Peter RdV participate in this? Or is it for stricter privacy legislation? And why do so few people ask questions about it?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Why do you think so few journalists do research? How do you get through training them and get your degrees? How do you get through job applications to be "employed by"? Have you ever studied Peter R. de Vries on his vanity? Why do you think he is a front man in such matters? Have you ever heard of the concept of 'money'? Who also received a bag of silver pieces for treason?

    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      @juul, I don't know how old or young you are? But your naivety is dripping off, have you ever wondered whether (some) 'journalists', apart from the media, are actually journalists and not an extension of the controlling power? Do you get attention if you ask the right critical questions? You have to answer every question with another question ...

      To what extent are you willing to go into the depths yourself and not swallow everything?

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Or do we simply see a good example of a well-trained journalist school troll here?
        First give a compliment and then steer the reader's perception in a certain direction.
        If you've been trying to sustain a website for years in this tsunami, you'll start recognizing it

        • SalmonInClick wrote:

          I have already seen a few popping up here on the site without going into it, at least webcare editors who follow a disinfo program at the expense of the slaves or are trained to become fully-fledged huralists, because the bills must be paid to become. When asked to lean forward, do people tend to answer how far? Because befehl ist immer ein befehl….

          • Sun wrote:

            Integrity does not have those slaves who write on bevel.de trolls and the msm media etc.

            Martin keep writing do your thing and keep saying it as it is !!!

        • Sun wrote:

          They will keep trying the trolls. See it as a compliment that they make the effort.

      • As a child and teenager I used to be very naive!
        It has taken me years to see how rotten this society really is and that the psychopaths, narcissists and power palates are in power positions, while the people are given the illusion that the most wise and intelligent people will get these positions after years of study. And of course only the honest and wise people become judges, mayors or ministers. Naive people believe this.

        As a child, I was not busy belittling others to make myself appear larger, with which the power spirits are busy day and night. Neither was I driven by morbid greed or the urge to convince others, at the expense of others. The greed that the average Western person suffers from is the result of an inner emptiness. It is very difficult to investigate what caused this emptiness, because then you have to get rid of practically all indoctrination and propaganda swallowed like a piece of cake with the associated way of life as a result of the current culture and time spirit. The ego will prevent this process from happening and the environment will keep you in line.

        There is a good chance that Juul is relatively young, although around the age of 50 my mother started to see how rotten the system is, because the evil madmen make up the service. Before that she lived on her own island and because of her honesty she could not imagine that so many dishonest and even mean people were walking around. Because she got rid of her own island and got to see other islands, she slowly found out that most people have a dual agenda and walk around with masks.

        As a young adult, being naive does not seem to be a bad trait, but a good one! Remain naive, because it is so easy at this time to obtain information that was only available to my mother at a later age. But once you realize how society works, what do you do? Most people do nothing, because she has not been taught this since she was a child. They have been taught to obey as passive sheep. Moreover, they now know what the consequences may be if you take action. In this phase of the collective awakening process, the real warriors are at the forefront.

        The power palates and white collar criminals are cowards. They can only misbehave because they are supported by other white edges in the system. If you meet them face to face, without others being there (and I have experienced this several times), then you can see what kind of weaknesses they are. On the inside they are empty and sick souls, who are very anxious and insecure. Only the collective gives them a strong feeling.

  5. Camera 2 wrote:

    Quite a bit of BREAKING

    Echt or Toneel Attje Kuiken becomes unwell

    Attje (12 years in the room for the PVDA) was actually going to lose her mind when she was talking about the Psy-Op Faber behind the desk in the 2e room.

    Had she not been feeling well while she was reading her script, she can, but she still has some experience. then get well soon ;-), a glass of water did wonders

    Or, other possibility:

    Could she really have studied this case? And she would have read this website by chance, which reveals for 95% that the whole issue is a purely PsyOp. The lying and acting became too much for her
    she caught by her conscience and her soul and therefore she became unwell ???

    The emotions are already rising far (we call that Emo-Building) according to the telegraph and later Attje almost goes crazy.




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