Spreader and defamation of Martin Vrijland Jeroen Hoogeweij is now named Naomi Hoogeweij

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Jeroen Hoogeweij, the source of all the libel and slander that can be found about Martin Vrijland on the internet, has never hidden his identity. Most of what is still to be found online in unfounded messages comes from Jeroen and had the clear goal of undermining the credibility of Martin Vrijland's articles. This still has its effect because Google refuses to remove the links and because my declaration remains untreated.

The texts can still be found online; on the website 'hoaxwiki' that appears high in the Google search engine. I have decided not to put any more energy into destroying this pillar. As soon as I begin to point out where the untruths are all, the websites in question immediately climb back to adjust or remove items. For example, in the past it was said that I had scammed a former employer. However, when I published evidence on my site that I had said goodbye to this company in a good and friendly way, that story was quickly removed. The problem with this deliberately spread information is that new readers tend to believe it and simply abandon it. In this sense, it is an effective method to cut off a critical writer and ruin his reputation.

In the meantime I have asked several lawyers to pick up my case and to sue the state for not handling my declaration. Up to now no one seems to dare to burn his fingers to denounce the state. He can still be appointed as a clear manager, because a very detailed and detailed declaration containing hard evidence was simply not taken into consideration. Could that be due to the fact that it is clear that the state has a firm hand in this online defamation and slander? I have also deposited my case with Sven Hulleman to see if he dares to burn his fingers to this.

It has always amazed me how easy this Jeroen Hoogeweij turned about at the time with committing all that libel and slander. Especially because this is clearly punishable. I even published his national passport and it was clear that Jeroen worked for the state. Jeroen seemed to have disappeared from the radar and in the gossip circuit I was told that he would have cancer. Now I do not really believe in gossip, but it was remarkable that he was little active anymore on the well-known sites that were mainly aimed at blackening Martin Vrijland (and working there full-time). I was therefore very surprised when a reader recently pointed to one twitter account with the name Naomi Hoogeweij.

Was that perhaps the reason that Jeroen was never so concerned about his identity? Is this really Jeroen? Did she let herself grow? Serious? I thought it was a joke. It would make my case legally extra interesting! What happens if you have made a declaration against a person and that person has undergone a gender reassignment? Bizarre!

Jeroen has always been high in the tree at the Aleister Crowley OTO organization. Within such Luciferian secret societies, transgenderism seems to be a fairly common issue. It even seems that these societies worldwide strongly promote 'gender neutral' and 'transgender' marketing. I have explained this in detail in my articles on this subject, in which I argued that this is mainly due to the idea that Lucifer is ambivalent. Who does not know the Luciferian Baphomet box symbol that should represent a goat with breasts and a phallus. The best reference to this was perhaps represented by the man / woman winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014, Conchita Wurst. Read for example this article for a detailed explanation. It really fits in the picture that Jeroen has had to be converted.

Jeroen (now Naomi) is now active again on the internet and has become a guest writer at the website jalta.nl. When I discovered this, my idea that I had been fooled quickly disappeared. It is really true: Jeroen is now Naomi! At Yalta Jeroen also publishes about his transgender experiences and the reactions of his environment.

Maybe I should just wish Naomi a lot of success in her new position at Yalta. Let's hope that the LGBTQ propaganda can convince a lot of children to also start doubting their gender and to start thinking about the pleasant renovation process. Jeroen may be their shining example. Looks like it's pretty fun. Also at Paul's Puber Cooking Show we have already seen how nice you are can then come to see and at the HEMA you can already buy your clothes.

I think it's unfortunate that I will never have the opportunity to challenge Jeroen for a man to man fight to give him a firm right corner or kick his balls. Twisted! Anyway, I was already overgrown with that anger and I have been accused of the abuse of women enough (from Jeroen's hand, but that aside, Jeroen is no longer), so I want to focus on Naomi in love: Naomi, you look great, honey! Can we start again now that you are a woman?


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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Hi Jeroen,

    I got another tip from Arjan Bos from Earth Matters. I also do it myself. I read on jalta.nl that your libido is not so high anymore because of the testosterone blockers. This offers a solution:


  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Maybe Conchita gets right ...

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