Henk Otten's departure at the Forum for Democracy (Fvd) is so predictable

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The political sham is becoming increasingly predictable. You almost eat your shoes when you see the whole fuss about Henk Otten's departure. Anyone who has been reading here for a while can discover that the Forum for Democracy (FvD) is based on the Clingendael institute has been launched. So it is a royal spin doctor's party whose pawns do nothing but send the sentiment in society and provide a safety net on the right. That market simply exists and democracy is all about having all the flavors and colors of a mouthpiece of the established order.

It was intended throughout Europe to grow on the right. Let's call this the Brexit - Trump camp. It is the anti-EU and "nationalist" movements that criticize the old politics and the old media. It is also the intention that these trends do not become too successful. I have been calling this here since the launch of the FvD. It is even the intention that the failure of the Brexit and an (imminent) economic decline of the economy including social unrest (chaos) will be linked to that group. We are witnessing the game called 'Ordo ab Chao'.

If you grow such a group in a controlled manner and are able to link certain stigmas to that group, you are building a brand for a certain body of thought. You can say, "Oh, you are critical of the history and origins of the EU" or "You are such a person who believes in conspiracies" or "You are against the immigration pact or believe in a climate hoax", so with the brand 'right' and with the brand 'Fvd'. That is the whole purpose of rigging such a political party. I have been calling this the 'safety net strategy' for years. We see the same process in the media and the alternative media. The alternative media are linked to this right-wing group. We now know many alternative media websites and we have seen, for example, how Robert Jensen served that group, but also Café Weltschmertz, TPO and, for example, a theater maker such as George van Houts.

My prediction has always been that the bomb in the double bottom will be activated sooner or later to blow up this group. Although I think that the current rumbling in the party is pure acting and the real bomb is left unactivated in the double bottom, the crew of the safety net ship may already place the ship a bit obliquely on the waves. This is because it is not the intention that this right-wing (controlled) safety net ship will approach the port too well. Soon people will seriously believe in it and feel safe aboard that ship. It is not intended that the ship will ever end up in port. The intention is that the ship will eventually be sunk; the drowning people can be hoisted back on board the old established order ships and that old politics and its media are firmly in control.

The reason that the right-wing group is allowed to grow in a controlled manner is because the intention is that the whole of Europe will soon be angry with that group; she can point fingers; it can link to the failure of the economy and cause chaos. In this way you convince the masses that there is only one way, namely that of the further centralization of power and that of censorship to 'conspiracy' on deviating ideas with the stigma. There is no better way to deal with a group that represents potential resistance than to let that group be equally successful and then cause them to cause a chain collision. "We are going to start!"

Read here again how political theater actually works. It is now about time that you see through it. Then read here what you can do instead of constantly bouncing behind those political pawns. Or do you think this fight is spontaneous and authentic? No of course not. You are witnessing a controlled game.


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  1. January wrote:

    The Owl of Minerva says enough. The acting work at the freemasons is running at full speed.

  2. Sun wrote:

    In the Netherlands everything is directed !!!

    I did not receive a ribbon this year. What a pity.
    You, Martin? Next year a new chance😀

  3. guppy wrote:

    It's all about energy, why is it all in this time? Why are all these festivals, sacrifices of victims and their commemorations on these dates?
    Why do we see the obelisk everywhere? Stealing energy from ignorance and innocence.



    All culture goes back to Egypt. We are still slaves in Egypt and there is only one way to find our way back to the promised land. That is within yourself, only give your energy away consciously.

  4. Analyze wrote:

    .. well the FvD stands for 'Festivities for Debiles', Willy can talk about it… a waste of the toilet bowl… 😀

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