Transhumanism, what is that and why is it so dangerous now?

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transhumanismWhile the world is being kept sweet with the threat of war between America and North Korea, terror and political acting, the train of transhumanism is continuing. Where the image of the world is continuously colored by perception managers in the media with a false reality regarding the political, war, crisis, terror, and other activities on the world stage, this applies equally in science and business. Politicians are the sales people who give the people an appearance of reality; the media are their marketing department. The real deep state (that of the aristocracy and Rome) is in the invisible force field. Compare it to electricity: you do not see it, but it drives large parts of our society. Also in the field of technology and business, nothing is what it seems. For us, people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and others are fantastic entrepreneurs who have grown up with a smart concept and innovative ideas. In reality they are the pushed actors who had to bring technology to the market to bring the world's population under the world-wide web of the aristocratic world elite (the spider in the web). That sounds like a conspiracy idea of ​​a vinegary doom thief, but please take a serious look at how all the technology that all these business grandmasters (heroes in the eyes of many) have laid the foundation for a worldwide control system. And we is not seen nothing yet!

elon-musk - amber-heard-relationElon Musk is a very special businessman. He focuses on great things. Thus he was the basis of PayPal and he became the founder of Tesla cars. The brand name is like swearing in the church, because anyone who has delved into the discoveries of Nicola Tesla, knows that environmental polluting batteries in cars would be superfluous if the true knowledge of Tesla were applied (see here), but that aside. All developments that Elon Musk focuses on are related to transhumanism and bringing the world population under digital fascist rule. That is again quite a statement, but you will understand why. You will also find an explanation of what that 'transhumanism' actually is. Musk's adventure began with reducing and packing data to be sent over the internet (ZIP) and then stepping into digital money (PayPal). Anyone who has read a little on this site may have come to the conclusion that it is abolish cash, is an agenda item of the elite group that is ready for world government. Tesla's electric cars and the concept of autonomous driving are a brilliant way to test technology that is useful for robotics of the future, but the cars are also big brother spies full of sensors. And now Elon Musk has focused on space travel, so that satellites can be shot cost-efficiently into the air, which can keep a close eye on us and provide worldwide internet coverage. All this technology together fits exactly in the concept of the digital society (the digital city at large). And last but not least, Elon Musk openly and without any embarrassment focuses on the ultimate goal, namely bringing the human brain online, via his new company Neuralink. All Musk companies contribute to the master plan of the elite, namely those in which mankind hangs completely on the internet, can no longer buy or sell with cash, can no longer procreate (gender neutral) and is monitored everywhere.

Yes, that all sounds very negative. You can also view it all in a more positive way. Ray Kurzweil, technical chief at Google, is one of the front men of transhumanism that drives this agenda. He puts it all in a slightly more positive way. Our neo cortex could not expand further, because we would no longer fit through the uterus opening during the delivery. Through nanotechnology we will be able to connect our brain to the internet (that is where Elon Musk, among others, is going to interfere with his Neuralink company). We can then expand our neo cortex with thinking in the cloud. Nano technology makes it possible to rebuild every atom or molecule. The film Transcendence shows this nicely. What seems to be scifi in such a film is the technology that is already largely available today. Already in 2010 researchers at the University of Eindhoven were able to do one let the line grow regrowth with nanotechnology. In 2045, Kurzweil expects that the entire human body can be reconstructed. This is based on Mohr's law that accurately predicts the speed of technological development. Does not Kurzweil, with his 'extra brain in the cloud' concept, ignore the possibility of simply enlarging that human brain within the skull. By then we do not need natural reproduction any more, so you are not in the limiting factor of the size of the skull during delivery. So why does Google's frontman Kurzweil steer on extra brain capacity in the cloud? Of course; you know who will provide that capacity! Google of course!

Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey de Gray and many others focus on this concept. And there are no downsides to all that nanotech in our bodies and to that link between the brain and the internet, according to these gentlemen. Nanotech will simply remove diseases and prolong life expectancy (to immortality). The brain connection with the internet will provide us with more brain capacity, making us smarter, more creative and so that a longer life will not lead to boredom or depression. After all, depression is only a state of mind and you can solve that by increasing your brain capacity and removing the problem (depression) with artificial intelligence. Robotics that will replace our work will not make us idle, because we are going to become so smart that we are going to do new things that we never thought possible in our current reality. Perhaps we are going to explore digital self-created universes in the audiovisual experience directly implemented in our brain of a lifelike-looking, lifelike-smelling and lifelike-feeling world. Perhaps we will mix reality and fiction and we will de-materialize and materialize our nanotechnological bodies on distant planets. Enough to do against that time!

So transhumanism is technological progress driven by artificial intelligence (let's say ICT) and nanotechnology that has fully mapped and re-constructed existing biology. In doing so, the human body can in fact be reconstructed in the near future. The fusion between man and the digital world (of the internet and artificial intelligence), Ray Kurzweil calls 'singularity'. Quantum computers that will soon be able to solve all options of a problem in the blink of an eye with software that is self-learning, will soon form an artificial intelligence (English: AI, Artificial Intelligence) that could exceed the capacity of the human brain. Kurzweil even expects that a moment arises that that intelligence leads to awareness in these computer systems. In doing so, he ignores the concept of the soul; that which is also called 'life breath' in the vernacular. So the question is whether that 'computer consciousness' is not just a kind of pre-programmed simulated consciousness. Apart from that, the fusion between man and machine (computers, artificial intelligence and internet) is an undisputed goal.

The awake reader may poke through all the romantic presentation of people like Ray Kurzweil and see what is going on. Are not it just companies like Google and Facebook that will soon connect our brain with that artificial intelligence? Who then have direct access to our brain? Every reader who is now scratching their heads about the propaganda and lies in the media, must seriously worry about the direct brain connection. You will soon be able to purchase brain capacity in the cloud at Google! Facebook implements directly in your brain who is walking past you on the street; what their social status is and what preferences, tastes, friendships and such people have. You know: Facebook is the company that now censors your news and thus determines what your truth image is. You know: Google that you offer knowledge on the basis of algorithms that ensure that conspiracy theories are not covered, but that the propaganda of the mainstream media takes precedence. And they will have direct access to your brain later on!

connecting the dotsDo you know when it will be completely exciting? When governments will use this technology. The municipality of Amsterdam is already doing it by building on the smart city. And they are not the only ones. We see such initiatives all over the world. And those who connect the dots in the coloring book suddenly see the whole picture. That transhumanism, that singularity and all the technology that people like Elon Musk focus on, prove to be the ideal tools for global digital slavery; a totalitarian regime that humanity can direct through the brain. Beautiful that brain connection! Your PayPal balance is instantly frozen if you do not follow the rules and the self-driving Tesla car will take you to your cell completely autonomously. The Space X satellite always knows where you are and if you are still able to exhibit oppositional defiant behavior with your Neuralink brain connection, you can not survive in any way. "And it makes that to all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the free and the slaves, a mark is given on their right hand or on their forehead, [and] that no one can buy or sell, then who has the mark, the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom: who understands has calculated the number of the beast, for it is a number of a man and his number is six hundred sixty-six. "
Revelation 13: 16-18
(That's the last book in the Bible).

666 saturn symbolismThe elitist group that has the world in its grip is the group that is also behind technological progress. They push that in the visible field with success stories of interesting entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. The man who can do everything and is rewarded in his success with one wanted actress on his side. This pharaonic elitist group is the actual driving engine. They follow the religious scripts of the prophecies and allow the technology needed for the ultimate slavery to gradually seep into society, so that people embrace it as progress. You can recognize them by the cube worship, the six-pointed star worship, the cross worship, the ring worship and many other symbols that are a reference to Saturn. They form the Saturn cult, the cult that in all its symbolism refers to the number six hundred sixty-six (666). If you want to find out more about it, take a look at the new one Apple headquarters, representing the ring of Saturn; then consider the Saturn symbolism in the most company logos and look at Saturn symbolism in religions (see here en here). The pharaonic elitist group (which I also called 'the Saturn cult') thus reverts Saturn and Saturn stands for the number 666. They are out of total rule over the human soul; caught in the immortality of the nanotechnological transhumane genderless body.

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Ooh yes and the photo of Elon Musk with his new love is taken with a red filter: black red are the colors of Saturn. And of course the Saturn ring above the head of the couple ..
    they are only details .. but still

  2. PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

    That autonomous car racing is in any case of course a big fiasco, exactly the stumbling blocks that I expected.
    You also have to stay awake, I wonder why.
    And no one likes it, an autonomous car where you have to stay awake to intervene .... haha.
    But it is not possible either. It will not work in practice.
    But fortunately something new is coming. The flying car ... Hilarious.
    And that does not give much noise, everywhere flying cars
    And Elon Musk is going to organize a trip to Mars soon ... .Of course ...

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    This kind of "good news" must pull us over.
    And, yes, technological progress offers a mountain of positive developments, but the danger is really that transhumanism and digital slavery:

    • PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

      Martin, the dreamers who want autonomous trucks do not understand the practice.
      On some simple journeys it might be possible in the future, but there is so much more to it. Being a chauffeur is much more than just driving a motorway.]
      I want to see a Tesla tractor trailer that turns backwards. haha, I have to laugh already.
      And believe me, you have to drive backwards more often than you think.
      This is really distant future music. Unfortunately. And unfortunately, people are already starting to shout about employment because many people want to work. I think, okay if the robots do all the work. Free free time.
      But what I said, most driver work is much more than just between two lines from A to B. At many transport companies you have, for example, 16 addresses in one day.
      On the way to customer 1, the planning calls whether you want to load something at company X, and wants to unload at company 7 on the list and whether you want to take some pallets with company 4. At company 3 is still a return ticket, and whether you want to stop by company nr 6 because it still has some to load and if on the way back - so if you're off at nr 16 - do not want to take the shortcut via Rotterdam, but just through the neighbors of company 14 because they have a pickup, and that has to celebrate because they are closed, and then still to Rotterdam because they have a rush what 18.00 hours at lufhansa should be on Schiphol, So you have to unload the stuff for KLM and then just change the cargo to Nippon and you want to pick up a collie of 16 kilo for swissair and you will soon hear if you have to go to Polar to buy a pallet for Bos. pick up and just unload at KLM. ????

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        That's not all that exciting ... AI can do that all later ... we have to worry about the real goal of all this "progress":

        • PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

          I still find it exciting though (see above at 2: 49). A curve backwards and straight into the parking space seems an impossible task. But anyway, that trailer will probably succeed in the distant future.
          I'm not going to post a faint reaction with a video 'Volvo Fail-self driving car crashes into people' places.
          But he is very nice. So type in yourself.
          For the rest, I understand your care, of course.

      • Freba wrote:

        Dear, in the end it will happen anyway. Industrialization has only just begun. In the end you can do all the work in the world with less than half a billion people. And then you still have politicians who use fascist "breeding premiums". Mostly followers of Judaism with all its pernicious variants. Judaism is based on more people; so more soldiers. Promise everyone a better life after death and become docile. So finally there is a total destruction with a few million survivors. Embrace and start again. The rescue of Europe was then two plague epidemics. Everything is based on the consciousness of man. He knows, like no other animal, that he dies. So there is stress and decisions are taken from that option. This is in contrast to Buddhism, which "slows down". After all, more lives follow. The latter appeals to me more.

        • Averroes wrote:

          @Freba, I do not want to be cynical, but have you ever wondered why Budda has such a greasy rumen? Then he can stare at his navel, there is nothing wrong with occasional silence and coming to yourself. But with these kinds of ideologies, the process of awareness of the reality in which we live is not helped and the perception is maintained. Putting yourself away from reality and sitting in an empty space passively does not help to bring things into the limelight and break the lie. This requires an active attitude.

          Uninformed useless idiots, passivity and apathy become the downfall of humanity. What I mean to indicate is that this (UN) doctrine is stimulated as well as yoga, because it causes the energy of people to be neutralized / channeled and focused on matters that raise awareness and cooperation with the system. Do not endanger the matrix / safety net.

          Meditating from the point of view of an ex-KGB'er ????

  4. PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

  5. Averroes wrote:

    Speaking of Mindfucks: MUST READ

    The Mind Has No Firewall

    From Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92.

    "It is completely clear that the state of the art is to create incomparable superiority." - Major I. Chernishev, Russian army [1]

    The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical and electrical activity of the brain, in the inner ear, in the inner ear. that process auditory signals, and the light-sensitive retina and cornea of ​​the eye that process visual activity. [2] We are on the threshold of an era in which these data processors of the human body may be manipulated or debilitated. Examples of unplanned attacks on the body's data-processing capability are well-documented. Strobe lights have been known to cause epileptic seizures. Not long ago in Japan, children watching television cartoons were getting sick.

  6. Freba wrote:

    The late Piet Vroom, who obviously went crazy, thought that the "uncontrolled" behavior of humanity was precisely caused by an "exploding" Neo-Cortex. The evolution makes leaps and does not go gradually. In fact, the NC is under pressure. This part of the brain has grown too fast and there is simply too little space. Hence all "misery".

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