Victor Mids New Year Special explained and how you daily with such Mindf * ck to do

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It is of course a lot of people's entertainment and who does not want to see in amazement how the little leprechaun Victor Mids knows how to beat people with stupidity time after time. It is time to discover that the Mindf * ck is much bigger than you think, but about dat To realize, you must remember that you are dealing with television. The thesis of the day is: With Victor Mids' Mindf * ck you get a program of people who are all part of the propaganda circus; deployed by the state to keep you in an illusionary reality. In an article from 4 January I have already explained how politicians and media are the actors and advertisers of the established power. If you watch TV, you will see table guests, audience and artists at talk shows. For a good understanding of the Mindf * ck of the entire media and all the daily shows you get on your retina, it is useful to examine the operation of the program Mindf * ck by Victor Mids. But you will only really understand it when you realize that all the people you see appearing on the tube or anywhere else belong to the category Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter. That is the name given in the days of the East German GDR to people who worked unofficially for the state. In order to go through the daily Mindf * ck you have to know how big it is and what all contribute to it. The actual statement of the day is therefore: With television and other media you get a daily overdose of programming through people who are all part of the propaganda circus; deployed by the state to give you an illusionary reality.

If you are cycling around Amsterdam on a sunny afternoon, it might be interesting to take a look at the number of theater schools or acting schools. The recruitment of the Unofficial employee starts at a young age and part of it makes the acting education, universities and schools. We do not know better than that all the stars that we know really float up by pure chance and simply because of great talent. If we think away that hazard factor and simply decide to admit that nothing is left to chance, then asterisks like Moon or Douwe Bob are no coincidence, but they are selected for their role. A performance of such a star with a program such as DWDD is therefore part of the task of such an asterisk.

Let's assume that there is a large group Unofficial employee exists and that all stars and famous Dutch people from this very age have started to become part of this group. Let's assume that this applies to most artists, top athletes, soap stars and artists. I understand, you might all go too far, but I challenge you to do the thought exercise. So suppose everyone you see during a program like DWDD (in the example below) or Peacock and similar programs is trained for a role in the Trumanshow (click here for the film) that you receive on a daily basis through TV, how can you be sure that you do not undergo a Mindf * ck? How do you know 100% sure that Victor's oil bulb trick (see first video) is not included for a green screen and how do you know for sure that it has not been stuck in the bag of the oliebol? Because you are on TV as a continuous video stream see? Because all the table guests confirm the story and say it in 15 x in Haarlem? Because there is an audience? You see audiences, but have they actually seen the trick? But if all those table guests are now simply paid for their role? And if the public is paid for their role? Is that possible? Money talks. And jaVictor works with subliminal tricks like the ones on his t-shirt, but Victor Mids seems to have to make us believe that the viewer only undergoes such tricks at his show. The thesis of the day was something like: you will receive a large dose of Mindf * ck daily in every TV show, including the news, Nieuwsuur and all sorts of well-known talk programs. (Read more under the video)

So what you might really need to realize is that you are dealing with TV. And nothing to virtually nothing on TV is what it seems. This is because television makers have the most advanced software and equipment to, for example, put images on top of each other and stick them together. "Yes, but DWDD is here in Amsterdam in the Westergastfabriek and there is really a public and you can not just fool". Until you realize that that 'real audience' might be on the payroll of the program makers and that the reactions from the audience are part of the control. "Ah, come on Vrijland, you really see ghosts everywhere. You also have illusionists who can pull out magic tricks."Yes, that's true you know them from TV or from the big shows where you sit on a grandstand. If you can draw from a large database of actors or people who Unofficial employee are, 10% compromised Dutch can use the other 90%. Costs something, but is also worth something (do you understand?).

The Victor Mids program is not only based on the cooperation of table guests, artists, politicians, athletes or others Offizieller en Unofficial employeeSometimes you can use the same technique as the one that the state works with. For example, in Victor's old-year show below, you will see as an opening item how he can completely amaze people in the street by guessing their good intentions for the coming year. You can do that in two ways. You either use hired people again or you use the big data that you can buy in real time with social media such as the police and the judiciary. CAS system. That is a system that analyzes all big data and makes predictions from it. The fact that the artificially intelligent scripts can make these predictions is hidden in the total analysis of one's history and all behaviors in the present (parallel to those of the entire social environment). Is not it a bit far to assume that Victor Mids would have access to these data? From the reactions of the persons addressed you could conclude that they are authentic and so Victor seems indeed to make use of this input. Or do you really think that we are dealing with a new Jesus figure who can perform miracles?

I always try to point out that television is propaganda. And to keep your world image in color, the state pulls all the resources out of the closet. Above all, the image must be created that illusionary tricks are only applied by someone like Victor Mids in his program Mindf * ck, so that u especially not realize that you every day an continuous flow to Mindf * ck. Other things such as the scarf trick on the ski slope are probably included for a green screen (and therefore with cast participants). Visual tricks such as the pictures Victor leaves from 6: 45 min. In the video below, are simply a result of how your brain perceives things. The trick with the football player is easy to explain by realizing that you are dealing with TV. So that correct checking of the shooting angle and all of a sudden another shirt worn by Victor himself in the photo frame or shirt is acted on. So the participant is acting along? Yes, but that want to we of course do not believe. After all, we have already seen so many famous and unknown Dutch people being surprised about the tricks of Victor. "Come on! That is not really acted.

Victor shows many subliminal, NLP and hypnosis tricks in his shows and with that he shows a lot of how our mind can be influenced while we think we experience, choose or know everything with our fullest consciousness. A good example of this is the oliebollentest of the 24e minute (in the video below). But what is the biggest Mindf * ck is that you think this is only applied by Victor Mids. It is applied to you every day by all media! And most of that Mindf * ck is filled in through acting. The actors in that game are the well-known names of TV: Frans Bauer, Mark Rutte, Eva Jinek, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, yes everyone you know about TV. Everyone is on the payroll of the propaganda service that colors your world view. Politicians are actors who are prepared for their role, news readers and showmasters are prepared for their role, guests and audiences are prepared for their role. You look at television: your face shield in the world you will be remotePh) programmed. Newspapers, magazines, radio and all modern media contribute to that Trumanshow. So also the people who are "spontaneously" addressed to the oliebollenkraam and who have to give their ring to find them back in the oliebol play a role? It is hard to realize, is not it? You look television! The biggest Mindf * ck you undergo is that you do not want to see that the Mindf * ck is much larger than you want to see. Are there so many people who work on such a program? Are there so many people who work on all those television programs? Count them all over all those TV shows and share that number once by the 17 million people in the Netherlands. Then you have about an image about how much Unofficial employee the propaganda service. Counting money talks and private counting.

With television and other media you get a daily overdose of programming through people who are all part of the propaganda circus; deployed by the state to give you an illusionary reality. You are played daily and full-time with subliminal programming, acting, illusionism (via technical means), visual tricks, trickery and deceit, dexterity, psychology, hypnosis, distraction, neuroscience, scripts from big data analysis, body language and all sorts of other forms of influence . You let your image color through the device that colors your image of the world remotely: television. Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, websites, social media; they all contribute to your experience of the collective Trumanshow, the collective Mindf * ck. WTF!


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  1. Camera wrote:

    A FF (f * ckin ferry) good article. Everyone should read
    instead of looking at the state journal

    What is it then a more inhumane mitarbeiter?

    • Camera wrote:

      Back on the Champagne bottle and the oliebol in the paper bag
      The champagne bottle was of course of paper, the bottle that came out of the bag the first time was real
      but the second time when it went back in the bag was much lighter and flatter and went very fast, it could even have been an inflatable bottle ;-).
      And of course the Oil bulb was already in the bag on a string, but if the bag goes up a little and the oliebol falls from a previously bruised thread in the bag by gravity, then it looks like the oil is coming out of the sky.
      just the real world
      Where is that Flight 370, maybe Victor knows an answer to that


      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Yes, you can indeed combine real magic tricks in addition to acting, subliminals, image manipulation, etc. etc.
        However, that does not (in my opinion) change the story.
        If the reader asks: "Do you support proof?" ... no, that is not possible, because I do not work at the Trumanshow. Nor does the reader.
        So it is a question of: start using your common sense and see through it.

        • Notis wrote:

          "Mundus fills decipi, ergo decipiatur"

          There are no tricks, no one that goes against the laws of nature.
          So an oliebol from nothing? No of course not. It's trick!
          Melt a champagne bottle in a paper bag? No of course not. It's trick!
          Thoughts, good intentions guess? No of course not. It's trick!
          Democracy? No of course not. It's trick!
          News, TV, newspaper and other media where? No of course not. It's trick!
          etc etc etc? No of course not. It's trick !!!!!!!!

          Read trick = deception.

          That people want to believe it is a separate phenomenon. People want to be entertained, people are being clapped, well then it will be fun (= almost real) (herd / sheep mentality).
          People also want an idol, a god, a hero, a strong man, a devil, if need be; to worship something that is just a bit smarter, something stronger or something darkers than themselves.
          That is because man is endlessly brainwashed from baby and always thinks he is nothing is, a nichewo who lives in a big evil and sometimes somewhat more fun, or magical (trick: you know, trickle) world.
          Well the world is pretty magical. Look at the flowers, the animals, nature, the sun, moon and stars! A miracle, a great miracle! What do we actually know about it? But a pittance.

          People have to realize that they themselves are the boss over themselves, that they can take matters into their own hands, that they have to take responsibility themselves and that they have to take responsibility for their lives.
          Maybe something will ever change once. Until then, it remains a mess, war, exploitation, vanity, pride, trick and deception in this world. And everyone does more or less with it. Do you know: Who is without sin ... .etc.

        • Notis wrote:

          @Martin There are hardly any farmers in Neanderland, only digital zombies, "artists" and BB-ers (= frightened citizens) besides a lot of 'immigrants', who can also be transformed into one of the 3 categories in the crust. and a still very small group of awake, independent people using their peasant or common sense.
          O waits smoothly, I almost forget our BN-ers (= Ridiculous Neanderlanders).
          Finally: What would it be nice if we, apart from our common sense, also used our hearts and let them speak!

  2. SandinG wrote:

    The whole concept of a government, belief system, legal system and paper money with a number printed on it is a mindf * ck in itself, but how deep you want to go in this so-called reality. It also shows how strong a control system is when masses of people trust it and thus give it a certain power (eg by voting). This whole control matrix is ​​maintained by the energy of the ignorant (catalyst) ... a vicious circle (ouroboros)

    The Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks knew it and the Romans took over ... nothing has changed: Pax Americana

    Latin word 'Gubernare' = "to control"

    Latin noun 'mens' = "mind"

    Government = to control the mind


    "Religion is true, and by the rulers as useful."

    -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

  3. SandinG wrote:

    It is funny to see those Lilian Marijnissen from the SP in the thumbnail of mindf * ck. Daughter of Machiavelli (2008) winner Jan Marijnissen and 'successor' of renown Roemer at the SP. That alone is a mindf * ck of the electorate ... think of Ollongren

  4. Ed the Thinker wrote:

    That trick with "left and right" with the cork is hilarious.

    left: 5 letters. > becomes right
    right: 6 letters remain to the right.

    Victor Mids, the BS magician.

  5. ClairVoyance wrote:

    at DWDD I have repeatedly seen that there are paid people in the audience, right behind the table guest, who are there because of subliminal programming. Once a transgender and once an absolutely hired chuckling bunch. I do not remember what the subject was, and so can not find the broadcasts concerned anymore unfortunately.
    Still had this on the shelf. Is quite on topic.

  6. SandinG wrote:

    To put an end to all illusions, watch for a handshake that both ho ... men give each other. Naturally nothing to the hand. In short, Mids is apparently not surprising.

    • SandinG wrote:

      Mids is an acronym for Blacksmith and his first name an allusion to the Latin word Victor which means (over) winner. Sir comes in advance so quite arrogant about and is initiated that may be clear .. Still separate from the masonic (duality) meanings of the symbol M and V which are therefore his initials.

      "Oh, what a tangled web we weave
      When first we practice to deceive! "
      -Sir Walter Scott

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