Video footage of shooter Brenton Tarrant (live stream) Christchurch New Zealand

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The video footage that shooter Brenton Tarrant would have made through a live stream during the attack in the mosques in Christchurch New Zealand, is very remarkable (see video below). I want to show them here so that you can form your own opinion about the authenticity of this attack. In my previous article I showed what means exist to set such things on stage. The live streamed video shows that there is nowhere to be seen. The shooter can also walk into the parking lot armed without anybody responding alarmed. There is apparently hardly any screaming in the mosque, while you would expect people to flee in a panic.

Of course we will be played through images and stories of surviving relatives via the media, but if you know the techniques for making deep fake profiles, and even faking videos and photos including an entire social network, then we may be somewhat on our guard. trustingly displayed images blindly and blindly. With the current technical means, in the form of software and artificial intelligent (AI) systems, it is very easy to create non-existent persons and fake any desired image. You can even do a live interview with someone where a non-existent (deep fake) face can be used as an overlay in real time and no one will see that it is fake. (watch the video below and read on below)

So we do not know whether Brenton Tarrant really exists. You create a deep fake face through, for example this NVDIA software, then you can easily fake an entire video in such a childish way. The only thing you need is the combination of some software with these greenscreen techniques. Of course we will see images of lawsuits and we will undoubtedly see telephone or security camera images, but we simply cannot assume that any video or audio recording can be checked for authenticity. That is a matter of trust and for that, the government naturally wants us to trust the 'fake news' checkers it has provided, but then you must also trust the butcher who tests his own meat. The butcher who inspects his own meat will usually approve of it and, at most, appear to be somewhat critical for credibility. (watch the video below and read on below)

A valid comment from a reader here on the site was the following:

Where does an 28 birthday boy get the money to first fly to Europe and visit various countries there to give his opinion and hatred. Then can this gentleman earn a living for a few months in Dunedin, become a member of a shooting club and then rent cars to do his deed? How does such a person get a credit card.

However, what surprises me most is the time between the two shootings. I have heard 11 minutes and also 7 minutes. The distance is such an 6 km, but if you have to get in the car from the first mosque and then travel this distance (parking the car and on to the next mosque) is this enough time?

Because I live here myself, I wanted to take the route today. Unfortunately, many roads around the mosque of the first shooting were suddenly closed. Nevertheless, I want to try again during the week to see if this 6 km can be covered within 7 minutes (on a Friday afternoon).

Think again about it yourself. The weather would be familiar Problem, Reaction, Solution can play a game? In any case, this shooting contributes to stirring up population groups against each other. The Australian senator Fraser Anning blamed Muslim immigration shortly after the shooting. And so the plus and minus poles seem to be rigged up that may stir up the opposites, so that the desired current is generated (see my my previous article). This is Hegelian dialectics, where thesis and anti-thesis lead to synthesis. So you need a plus and a minus pole to generate a current from a battery. In this way, the contradictions in society are consciously encouraged to become big plus and minus poles. This could well be done through psychological operations (PsyOps). Judge for yourself.

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  1. Yuri Goosen wrote:

    I did not immediately notice that when I saw the original images, but looking back one more time I found the behavior a little strange for the people. What I found strange was that after the first shots, groups of people were still sitting together in the mosque. Well, it can be shok. But he gave everyone a heat shot at the end. On the news images there are suddenly a lot of survivors and nowhere could see bullet holes. Can come through the bad footage. But it is strange and indeed resembles a false flag!

  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    Eva Gabeler talking at a well-filled fruit bowl and Dutch flowers in the background that as a correspondent girl should inform the Telegraaf reporter is talking about disgusting and unprecedented, what kind of images does Eva see? do you think .. that we have not seen. Eva seems to be a very good actress, with her grin that does not exactly indicate that she is excited.

    Filmed a paintball afternoon from the paintball club looks even more intense. You do not understand because all possibilities are available for it
    all a little more natural and yet to be seen.

    And then of course you have the field crises actors,

  3. mb. wrote:

    Is consciously (probably) not made however (they can then state that it was clearly visible that it was not real). The number of people in video does not match the numbers mentioned, by the way, there should be 100. Furthermore, perhaps let weapons expert speak about what such weapons normally do.

    And perhaps New Zealand, because it is one of the last countries where you expect something like that. Only been a few months. If it happens there, it can happen anywhere.

  4. frameworks wrote:

    Yesterday and today I tried to reach the mosques. However, the access roads from various directions are closed due to roadworks (was this free valley already so ??). Must try again in a few weeks.

  5. frameworks wrote:


    Hold this for a moment:

    The Herald reports that the gunman streamed live the shooting for 17 minutes.

    Stuff says Carl Pomare a manager for Naki Labor Hire was one of the first people on the scene. He was driving through the mosque about 1.40pm and saw a whole lot of people running. He heard shots going off at rapid fire and people hitting the ground.

    The Herald is reporting a second gunman has seen near Linwood's Masjid Mosque. TV3's Newshub says witnesses reported seeing a gunman run into the mosque there.

    So at around 1.40 a start was made at the first mosque where a live stream of 17 minutes was made. So the shooter would only have driven to the second mosque just before 2. What time is reported on the second shooting?

  6. frameworks wrote:

    Police said there was a second shooting at the Linwood Masjid Mosque.

    Mark Nichols told the New Zealand Herald he heard about five gunshots and that Friday prayer-goer returned fire with a rifle or shotgun.

    Mr Nichols said he saw two injured people being carried out on stretchers fits his automotive shop and that both people appeared to be alive.

    furthermore a witness to the second mosque.
    “We were into 10 minutes of our prayers and then we heard gun shots outside, but kept on praying. Next minute, it was inside. He was a light-colored skin guy and he started firing and we all went for cover.

    so when the first shooting video has produced material of 17 minutes and has started ron 1.40 - 1.45 (there is written 15 minutes before the start of the prayer) and the second 10 minutes after the anvag of the prayer then the shooter must have Sun 10 minutes to get from A to B.

    also strange that within half an hour no adequate measures have been taken with regard to other mosques (possible targets)

  7. Camera 2 wrote:

    Under the link

    N Wardinski
    1 week ago

    The moment access to information is withheld, you can be assured that you are being song to.

    No one has ever been protected by holding the truth. This is corrupt government in action.

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