We continue to take the Trumanshow of politics and media too seriously

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It seems that the penny does not want to fall for many, as far as the Trumanshow is concerned. That is the name of a film in which Jim Carrey plays the leading role and in which he discovered at a given moment that everyone around him plays a role in an act that forms his world view. We do not want the real world to be such a Trumanshow, but perhaps we could call it Falsemanshow.

Last week I had an e-mail with a Dutch composer who really appreciated my work, but did not understand why I experienced so much opposition, because there are still so many activists who can walk around frankly and freely. I might owe the situation in which I experience so much opposition and now live in a tent due to dark forces (archontic or something of that kind). What people apparently can not or do not want to see is that there is more controlled opposition in the Netherlands than we dare to believe. No, we simply do not want to believe it. After all, the Netherlands is the best-behaved boy in the class; the sweetest innocent little country in the world. We do not want to see that the pawns of the controlled currents encounter no resistance and that everyone who does not belong in the force field is worked out.

We live in a world where everything revolves around creating and maintaining the world image that people have. That is not just 1 world view, but its x number of variations. You may think left, right, green, purple, catholic, evangelical or Islamic. That is also culture-dependent per country or region, but the power pyramid structures are constructed in such a way that everything revolves around the Trumanshow of the population, whereby the experience world is colored full-time. This includes education, music, magazines, series, games, TV, fashion, Facebook and other social media, etc. and so on. It is an industry that forms the world view of people worldwide and maintains them. Different flavors and colors are part of the game. However, we do not want the management of all of that to be bigger and more solid than we think. We still believe in the free destination and that we can create our own world.

I take the position that everything is controlled and that success is not a choice, but a question of whether something or someone contributes to the total of radars that keep the clockwork of the Trumanshow running or functioning better. That sounds pretty depressing and would leave no room for talent, but that is not the case. Talent gets the space in it as long as it consciously or (and mostly) unconsciously helps to strengthen the Trumanshow. For example, all media and alternative media have been checked. That also applies to all politicians. Everyone plays a role in dividing and interpreting the different flavors; yes also the critical tastes. And for those who still realize that they are being fooled, we have the safety nets. They are for everyone who falls outside the boat. Anyone who wants to do something or start doing something in politics, media or alternative media that does not conform to radar work will be thwarted. We only see controlled pawns. The "success" floats above.

To this end, the Thierry Baudet's of this world and in the media serve the Infowars' and sites that have to absorb critical thinkers. And preferably you want to take people who fall outside the boat or make a cup smaller, but you can not do that too conspicuously, because the people on board the Trumanshow ship are watching and should not be awakened from their hypnotic sleep by a shock effect. to become. So you have to show that critical thinking is "not right" and you do that by linking criticism to your self-invented criticism that brings you as an important 'conspiracy theory' to the attention of people who sometimes suspect that they are living a Trumanshow. Then you blow up that conspiracy theory (because you have launched it yourself and consciously built up the mistakes beforehand) and see everyone who has ever thought to sit in a Trumanshow that that is "big nonsense".

I can not explain it more simply, but this is in short how the game is played worldwide. The power structure behind it is quite complicated and has everything to do with aristocracy, bloodlines, secret societies and knighthoods. The game is steered and goes over banks, training institutes, corporations, religion and politics. It is a cross-border, global game. And nowadays, too, false conspiracy theories are being launched, so that that too can be blown up again. In it you hear terms like 'the deep state' or the people are currently being kept sweet with the Qanon movement, where coded secret documents should expose the same 'deep state'. A copy of the real controlled game is launched, in which the desinfo is pre-installed. You launch that as a popular conspiracy theory via the alternative media that you control, and then you blow up everything by showing where they were wrong.

And then in the last 5 year there has also been launched such a huge forest of information via websites and youtube channels that people no longer see the forest through the trees and then go back to their old familiar channel from the past. And unfortunately I have to conclude that many people do not see through the safety net strategies. This is partly due to the fact that many of those nice people, of whom we all know one or two personally, work in that perception industry (and they are apparently sometimes very critical and they do not experience any opposition) . And many may not even be aware of their role, because they themselves are brainwashed and do their job with conviction and passion. Sometimes the controlled opposition is attacked in a controlled manner to make it even more complex; that in turn serves to create the game of 'credibility'. It is getting harder and harder to poke through.

The undersigned will remain committed to this in the coming period to awaken you for that Trumanshow and you will continue to try to show that everything runs according to a clearly predefined script. It is like a game burned on a CDrom. As soon as you put it in your Playstation PS4, the entire game is already loaded. You play the game by sitting on the buttons and experience your game chronologically, but the entire game including all the choices you can make in it and freedom of movement that you seem to have, meet the pre-programmed code of the game. Even though you walk every day a completely new route and choose a completely different outfit or weapons; even though you always encounter other players and experience the opposite things. It always meets the game rules of the game. So it is with the Luciferian simulation in which your soul now experiences this Trumanshow. It is not the intention that you will discover that, because then you may decide to use the software from outside instead of resisting in the game or naively and unconsciously of your status to continue your search in life.

The next time I will try again to go into the depth. Often people start to suspect that they are living in a Trumanshow, but the awakening process is now professionally taken care of via the safety net strategies, so people are taken on again. Unfortunately, the alternative media is used big time for that. And many will soon experience the disillusionment of the over-reliance on the half-truth / half-nonsense mixture by those controlled alternative media. And then governments will lock the door for anyone who wants to pee outboard.


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  1. Martin writes:

    "I take the position that everything is controlled and that success is not a choice, but a question of whether something or someone contributes to the total of radicules that keep the clockwork of the Trumanshow running or that makes it function better."

    I totally agree! Not only in myself, but also in other people, I see that they can only have success in the system if they make a conscious or unconscious contribution to maintaining or even strengthening the matrix. Among these people are even highly developed souls, who should have the mission to bring this matrix to light so that it can be brought to an end. Unfortunately, many of these highly developed souls have denied their true self until now in ignorance, because their ego has also assumed a role in this global puppet theater.
    Often these highly-developed souls have acquired a prominent position in the system, so they see early on that the work they do has nothing to do with honesty, integrity and dignity, but with the maintenance of a theater in which the people even go to work in costumes. How strong do you have to be, to dare to give up your role with all the so-called "certainties" that you have? Who wants to give up his generous income and live in a tent or small apartment to open his eyes? Unfortunately, only very few are prepared for this ...

    After the Second World War almost everyone I spoke to as a child appeared to have been in the resistance. Will you also state later that you actively participated in dropping the matrix while you were in the process of securing your position and privileges in this prison?

  2. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    Hallelujah not to add a word

  3. forall wrote:

    Just now!

    "The rabbit hole goes very very deep"

    Even children's films and series are there for mind control (Disney = illuminati)

    Yesterday seen 'The Voice Kids', the final.

    It was quite easy for connoisseurs, and still shocking, to guess who would win.

    A girl sang idd pretty nicely as far as I can judge, and during her steps we got to see lots and lots of butterflies. Then I knew what time it was! And idd ...

    (This for the experts of mind control and monarch mind control etc)

    And oh yes, the kinderkes went to Disney world! Hmmm another miracle that they all came back!

    But someone who does not know about it sees a few adorable children singing nice songs.
    And do not understand yota of what is going on.

    and oh yes, it is a program (!) from Endemol (End 'm all).

    what a world.

  4. forall wrote:

    Martin wrote:

    "After all, the Netherlands is the best-behaved boy in the class; the sweetest innocent little country in the world "

    The Dutch only need to realize that "Bilderberg" was founded by Prince Bernard.
    and later continued by Bea-trix (!). Not a small club for a so-called 'innocent country!'

    In other words, the Netherlands is pretty high in the elite hierarchy.

    The same with Belgium, by the way, seems so innocent, nothing is less true!
    Just think of Dutroux who delivered children to the royal house of Belgium!

  5. Camera wrote:

    Thank you very much for the good wording.

    And fortunately you have superfluous proof material on your site
    the show really shows with analyzes.

  6. forall wrote:

    Martin wrote:

    "I might owe the situation in which I experience so much opposition and now live in a tent due to dark forces (archontic or something of that kind)."

    And in response to what the Wise Child wrote above (and what I see as correct), I want to give you a heart with this quote.

    I met him today and found him very appropriate for 'us' 'kind' people, who want to bring out the truth as much as possible, (and then be put away as eg 'madmen'.)

    "" It is very important that you only do what you love to do. you may be poor, you may go hungry, you may lose your car, you will live in a shabby place to live, but you will totally live. And you will have your life as a result of what you have done here. Otherwise, you will live as a prostitute, and you will never have lived. and you will not have a pleasant death. "

    - Elisabeth Kübler-Ross "

  7. Sun wrote:

    Agree with this article! Opposition in the Netherlands does not exist. In the Netherlands everything is fake and directed. Each group or subgroup maintains the system / status quo as an accomplice, water carrier, etc. Everyone walks around with masks and plays stage. What a country occupies a country and is run by Babeloniers and we think that's okay too. Hopelessly this illuminati country. Hypocritical and rotten.

  8. ClairVoyance wrote:

    3 traitors in the picture, The middle flicker of the AIVD made sure that everything in communication was in the soup. And Oldenkamp did afterwards whether the sopn had been infiltrated 'by counter-forces', but it was all set up.
    Indigo revolution was one of the AIVD players who was allowed to pitch the ball.

  9. ClairVoyance wrote:

    some slapstick, gay parade 2012.

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